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So relieved and happy

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Hi Latin Traveller, the fatigue meant that I had to adjust my expectations of what I could do each day.  I am used to having a to-do list but I soon realised that I would do about half of it, then be too tired to continue.  So I prioritised and became a little less house-proud.  I had a few maintenance jobs to do around my home and I didn't bother with them for ages.  I just made sure I was clean and fed, and explained to visitors that I hadn't got around to fixing the cupboard, changing that light bulb, cleaning the blinds, etc.  Just waited until I felt I had the energy.  I live alone, and I did used to think that I wouldn't have been so aware of the fatigue if there had been someone else there to do some of the cooking, shopping, cleaning etc.  I hired a home help for a few hours a week for the first 7 or 8 weeks after my operation as I needed someone to do some housework and carry the shopping bags.

I got an activity chart from Macmillan where I could record what I had done each day and how tired I felt - that helped me to see that I was making progress and it would have shown any patterns in the fatigue but in my case there didn't seem to be any pattern to it.

Latin Traveller
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Hi  Little Runner, thanks for replying. It’s good to know that you have had to adjust the expectations of what you can do, it is harder living on your own. It not just doing it it’s the fact that there is no one else to be responsible with you or talk to when you are on your own. 
I had a carer who walked out just before surgery was due; she made out that I would be fine within a few weeks of surgery, so should stop making a fuss! 
I am so glad she is gone- as I have needed to slow f do own so much  ( my new carer is so kind and loving, made me realise just how uncaring my other carer had become.)  I am disabled due to a spinal injury and osteoarthritis, so am used to being limited. But this has been completely different. Just no energy some days!

That activity chart sounds great, where do you get them from? 
I am finding it hard to be kind to myself as I had planned all sorts to do for Christmas, but can only just do online grocery shopping,  I have no family here so need to be creative at Christmas to avoid feeling lonely!

I live in Scotland so it gets really dark early and so cold and wet. It means going out for short walks is not viable. So am on my own a lot.

I am using all my self care techniques that I learnt when I had clinical depression- but they take energy!!

I am looking forward to the days getting longer!

Any suggestion of how to cope with fatigue welcome!

I feel less alone now I can post here. 
thanks again. Xx

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Hi Latin Traveler 

Welcome to the forum I’m glad you found us although it’s under sad circumstances.

my City’s anthem is ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ and neither will you as you have people here who are caring, understanding and knowledgeable.

 I’m so sorry to hear you had to endure uncaring treatment from a ‘carer’ .. shame on them. I wonder if they would have been as nasty if you had someone else with you. 

Good luck with everything and keep posting. Don’t worry if you don’t always receive a reply, just know we are reading your words and sending you our best wishes.


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Hi again Latin Traveller, Macmillan have a project called Move More, and here is how to get the activity chart: At the top of this page click on "Information and Support" then type Move More into the Search box and click on the magnifying-glass icon (or hit return). When I do that, I see a list of links and the first one is "Move More: Your guide to becoming more active" (if you click on it to go to that page you will see an option to download the More More wallchart). There is also a link to "Move More Scotland - Programmes and services" which might be helpful to you. Do you have a CNS? You could ask them too about Move More and whether there is anything going on local to you.  I know what you mean about the dark afternoons - but we are nearly at the shortest day of the year, and then we start to get a little more daylight day be day.  I am holding out for it as I am fed up with the gloomy sky!

Also at the top of this page, click on "In your area" to see if there is some local support you can get.

Hope this helps, and I am glad your new carer is nice.