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How much more can I take.

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im trying to stay calm. I’m trying to keep moving forward and doing a bit more each day. But I’m getting more tired now, 4 weeks on, than I was for the first two weeks. I should be getting the results of the biopsy next week. The last biopsy after a hysteroscopy, or whatever it was, showed pre cancer merging into stage 1 cancer. After my surgery the consultant said she thought I should have brachytherapy, which confused me to be honest. I was being told that the cancer was at very early stage and should be dealt with by surgery. 

Now ive been told that my results will be discussed at the MDT on Monday and then I will be told what happens next. I’ve been having issues with both my girls and have had to work hard getting issues accepted and sorted. Their issues are not being sorted in spite of all my complaints and arguments. I’ve got another week of trying to to sort their stuff and I have so much going through my head about what is happening in my body. All sorts of stuff is going through my mind. 

I’m sooooooo terrified.

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Hi Nina, I think you've answered your own question as to why your feeling tired. You are worrying about your results, worrying about what treatment you may have to face next, worrying about how your future health will be, worrying about your girls and worrying about sorting out their issues. All that worrying is exhausting just at a time when your reserves of energy are already low because your body is working hard at healing itself. Of course it's perfectly normal to be tired and perfectly normal to worry so there's no need at all to beat yourself up about it. As for the team possibly suggesting brachytherapy, that is also very common even when all the cancer has been removed by surgery. I was told by the consultant that it is often used as a belt and braces approach to reduce the chances of any future recurrence. It absolutely doesn't necessarily mean that they have found anything nastier than they were expecting. Take a deep breath, try to relax, think about how far you have already come and try not to worry about what MIGHT be until you know properly whats what.