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Womb (uterus) cancer

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I had 17 pelvic-nodes removed and feel subtle heaviness in my leg. Weight fluctuates quickly up and down 5 pounds often higher when leg and pelvis feel full. Going for massages and stretching often to get lymph flowing. No wraps or support stockings yet. Is anyone having lymphedema issues and when did it start? What helps best for you? 

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Hi Mommatee,

I, too, am having swollen leg problems. I had 15 lymph nodes removed and my problems didn't start until after my radiotherapy (finished mid April). Even then it wasn't bad. My right leg would swell a little around my ankle/foot mainly but always went down overnight. I spoke to my oncologist (both chemo and radiotherapy ones) but no-one seemed too bothered. However, I did a long haul flight and my right leg ballooned on the flight home. I've been through DVT scans and CT scans and all are clear. I'm now waiting for a referral to a Lymphoedema clinic. Nothing really helps, my leg goes down a little overnight but not enough to be comfortable.

I guess I'm trying to say don't let it get worse. Nag your GP/Oncologist for referral to a clinic and let them decide when you need help or not. I often think that the medical profession knows this might happen but don't do anything about it until it gets to the painful stage. They could measure and fit for compression before swelling becomes a real problem.

Hope yours get sorted soon

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