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Post op hysterectomy

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Had my hysterectomy on Tuesday (9 July) and now it’s friday. Came home yesterday and even though I was happy and wanted to come home I also felt really scared/shaky and overwhelmed.  I thought I would feel happy that everything is out but at the moment I feel shaky and unnerved and imagine all sorts of problems happening. Hate everything that’s happening at the moment. Got to wear these damn surGical stockings 24/7 for 6 weeks and they are hot and tight on calve backs. I worry I’ll get blood clots or they’ll be on wrong and cut my blood flow. I worry I won’t look after myself properly. I worry that I worry!!!  Please tell me this is usual or hormones and it won’t last. I hate feeling like this - I want to feel grateful my uterus has gone especially as the mri showed nothing had spread.  I thought I’d be dancing through daisies but I’m not

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Hi Katmatt,

I don't think you need to worry! I came out of hospital on a Thursday, and was back on the Saturday checking up on my weird bladder habits! Its very early days. Give yourself a chance to recover, then you will begin to feel more confident. Even with keyhole its a big operation.

I agree about the stockings. They are very hot. I had to have them for 6 weeks. Its worth it. My daughter had a blood clot at age 22, and had to spend a week in hospital in an old peoples ward on blood thinners. She wasn't very happy!!!!

All the best xxxxx

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Hi Katmat, yep, perfectly normal to feel a bit unnerved by the whole thing. You've just gone through major surgery and it's very, very early days. Your body and your emotions are bound to be all over the place. If you do have worries about the physical healing don't hesitate to get in touch with your  clinical nurse specialist or the ward where you were treated - they'll always do their best to advise you. We often say here that the emotional recovery can take a lot longer than the physical recovery. These feelings will pass with time.  I'd say take it a day at a time and be very kind to yourself. Resist the urge to compare your recovery rate with anyone else's - we are all different and we recover at different rates. I hope your recovery goes well and that you soon start to feel more confident about it all. Sending you a gentle hug and lots of good wishes x

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Hi Katmat  it is a bit unnerving when you first get home because you don't know what to expect or whether the pain etc you feel is normal. I only had to wear the socks whilst in hospital but had the heparin injections for 4 weeks - it's strange how each hospital does it differently. Look after yourself, don't try to do too much and I hope you'll soon be feeling better. 

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain”

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hi Katmat, poor you, you've just had weeks of worrying, a cancer diagnosis and major surgery. Its not surprising that its all catching up with you and as others have said, its just normal. On the subject of the stockings, I agree they're dire. I remember waking up in the middle of the night feeling az though my leg was being cut in half. I told my CNS nurse and she sent me a larger pair bless her. Ir still sucked having to wear them but heigh ho. And once I was moving about normally and was fairly active again, (about three weeks post op) I confess I cheated a bit and didn't quite wear them all the time.