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Results and possible Brachytherapy question

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I got great news today.  Stage 1A. In fact pathology could find no cancer in anything that was removed during the operation. They had to go back to the original sample and then recheck everything. The only cancer was in that little sample so it has been caught so early it is barely detectable. Apparently the MDT were shocked too as they did not expect that result for me. I don't need chemo or radiotherapy. I have an appointment next Thursday to see Oncology to discuss whether or not I need Brachytherapy. Husband and I are gobsmacked!

Somebody somewhere is looking after me, so glad I went to see the GP immediately I had the pink spotting. Apparently pathology were concerned that they couldn't find any cancer after 'the patient' had had a radical hysterectomy and couldn't believe it was only in the initial sample. It is a good job the consultant didn't sample the other side of me as nothing would have been found and I could have been in a very different place 6 months down the line! So relieved :-) thank you all for your support. 

The consultant today said that I may need Brachytherapy but oncology will discuss all the pros and cons of it with us. 

My questions is has anyone had the long, slow type of Brachytherapy as opposed to the short burst one. The consultant talked more about the long, slow type more as a possibility. So I'd be happy if anyone could share how they found it. Do you have a catheter for this? Any tips or questions I should ask?

Thank you all again!

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 that’s absolutely marvellous news! So pleased for you - doing a little happy dance round my kitchen for you  I can’t help re the brachy as I had the external beam type but I’m sure the lovely ladies who had brachy will pop in soon to try and help. I’d just say get as much info as you can and don’t be afraid to ask the radiotherapy team lots of questions before you decide eg pros and cons for you (not just general), possible side effects, and so on. For now relax, rest, and concentrate on your recovery. Onwards and upwards! x

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So happy for you, Granny A. I have no experience of brachytherapy, as I was 1A, too. My consultant said she wanted to keep radiotherapy 'just in case'. You can't have too much. XXXXXXX

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Hi, lovely news to hear! Yes I had 2 sessions of long, slow brachytherapy. I went into the Christie early in the morning, was treated every hour throughout the day and finished around 11pm. They fit the device which delivers the treatment when you arrive and also fit a catheter. They then remain in place all day and your movement is quite limited to ensure everything stays correctly positioned. The only way you know the treatment itself is being delivered each hour is the change of sound from the machine, as well as the nurses closing the radiation proof door to your room for a few minutes. They can see you on camera whilst the door is shut but only come in the room in an emergency during treatment delivery. The rest of the time the door is open and they come in to check you regularly  to help you move a little and to bring drinks and food. Also, they provide pain relief if you need it. I did, but that was to ease pain caused by lying in one position for so long. They offered me the option to go home when treatment finished, or stay until morning in a ward with another lady. I stayed as I'd driven myself and wanted to loosen up a bit before driving. All in all, not a particularly fun way to spend a day, but perfectly doable. I was classed as grade 1 stage 1b so was offered the brachytherapy as a belt and braces against recurrence. Having gone through it, If i went back in time i would make the same choice again to accept the brachytherapy.

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Such a good news. I am very happy for you Granny A. 

All the best for the future 

Rahman x

Little lamb
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That's marvellous news granny..whoop whoop..So pleased for you.I can't help 're the radiotherapy either I'm afraid because I haven't had it. I'm still waiting for the last bit of my scar to heal up and the cavity that has formed inside to disappear. I have my first three month check on 15/8 so hopefully it will be gone by then! You relax now and enjoy things. Wimbledon semi final today...yay! Love lamb.as God bless you.

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Hi Granny A I had PDR brachetherapy for treatment of my reoccurence.  My experience was the same as Teddy mum. I was in hospital for 3 days on the day of the treatment  you have the applicator inserted under sedation and then you have a CT scan. I was in the room for 21 hours you have to lay flat and as still has you can. You are turned every 2 hours. I managed to sleep through the BV night so it wasn't so bad. A long treatment but manable. Wish you well Dawn xx

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What marvellous news for you.  No wonder it took a while for the results: your case must be quite a one off!.

Usually the MDT make a definite recommendation for further treatment.  The fact that they haven't suggests that it is not considered a high priority for you.  So I would hazard a guess that at your meeting with the Oncologist you will have a the opportunity to discuss the potential value of brachy.. It sounds as though the chance of any recurrence is pretty low for you and as others have said it may be good to keep it in reserve " just in case". 

My oncologist was very clear that she didn't advise any treatment unless she felt that the benefit outweighed the possibility of side effects from the treatment.   Brachy has fewer side effects than external RT.  However I have certainly read here of people who have experienced  bowel and bladder issues afterwards.   So the meeting will give you the chance to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of whatever is offered. .Once again it will be good to put together a list of questions beforehand and to  have someone with you to help process the answers! 



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Great news , I am really pleased, I am glad after you have waited so long to know, that the reason was that your cancer was incredibly low stage which is really good news no wonder you and your husband are abit gobsmacked over it, but for a good reason.

  GBear Xxxx 

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Great news!

I didn't have the slow brachytherapy but the fast one, and attended as an outpatient at The Christie hospital in Manchester twice a week for 2 weeks last October. Mine was graded 1B, stage 1. It did leave me with bladder and bowel problems which are still occurring even now but with less frequency. X

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Thank you all so much. Yes, it has been a roller coaster and I think us and medics alike are all a bit gobsmacked at these results.

The lead GP from our medical practice rang me yesterday morning as he had been emailed the results and he too was in shock. He said he just had to ring me to 'share the joy'. He also said he would be using the information to encourage people to see their GP at the earliest of symptoms.

I'll need to pull together some questions about brachytherapy. I hadn't thought about whether I should 'save it' in case I need it in the future. That's why this site is so good. 

I have had bladder issues since my surgery so that is going to be a big factor for me too.

It is good to talk.

Thank you all again.