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Losing weight

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In another thread losing weight was talked about, so I thought I'd start a new thread.

Apart from looking at labels we started a new hobby. It sounds ridiculous, but we started geocaching. There are boxes or objects hidden all over the world. You find the box with co-ordinates off the internet. We have a GPS, but they are quite pricey(we found 75 boxes before we bought a GPS). I think a lot of people use their phone as well. I found I walk much further than I did because I focus on finding the box and not the walking!! You set up a page on the site, then log your finds. We have visited some lovely places which we would never have found otherwise. If you are interested look up Geocaching.com.

RAHMAN - you have my sympathies. I felt very trapped when my husband was ill. I had to escape for an afternoon each week, or I would have gone mad!!!! You have got to make time for yourself.


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Dear Nanny Anny

I agree with you. I do feel little trap but need to find little time  for myself. I am going to look up Geocaching. Com. 

I am glad that you started new thread. It was getting little confusing. 

Thank you all giving me tips and encouragement. 

It has really helped me

lots of love and prayers your way

Rahman x

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I think aqua aerobics is fab - you work harder than you realise but the water keeps it feeling fairly easy but you've done a good workout. The music is good, the water feels nice and it's good exercise without feeling like death during it! 

I'm always glad I've gone and if I'm feeling tired one week, I just do it a little less hard and no one can tell as I'm under water. 

Would recommend.