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Sorry in advance everyone but I just need to let off a bit of steam. I had my cancer diagnosis 2 weeks ago and I'm waiting for a date for my hysterectomy. I know these things take time and I'm sure everything is in hand but I just desperately want to get on with it and I'm feeling so frustrated as I have no control of the situation. I'm sure I'll feel a lot better when things get moving, rant over.

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Rant away , its true everything can get extremely frustrating when waiting for this that and the other, with cancer you just want this offending thing out of you, it was approx a month after diagnosis when I had my surgery but I admit I was climbing the walls with frustration and just wanted it gone. 

Sending you gentle hugs

  GBear Xxxx 

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Hello Bossette,   please don’t apologise for letting off steam. We all need to from time to tome and this is a safe space to share how you feel, especially if you can’t or don’t want to share things with your nearest and dearest.

You’re right, it is frustrating. I waited about a month between initial diagnosis and surgery. Quite a bit of that time was filled with scans, consultations, phone calls to and from the CNS and a pre-op assessment. It can feel quite unnerving, even frightening when you have no control over what’s happening but I think you’ll feel better once things start to fall into place. I found it helpful to channel some of that frustration into something I could control - so trying to get everything at work sorted before the end of term, gathering together some essentials for hospital (nice toiletries, night shirts etc) filling the freezer with easy meals and so on. It didn’t get rid of all the frustration but it helped to feel I still had control over some parts of my life.

Gentle hugs - hopefully it won’t be too long to wait now x 

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it is a normal reaction to be frustrated. 

I was diagnosed in August 2018 and I had surgery on 18 th October. I was told that it was within the timeline. I found waiting most difficult. I went through hell. I was not happy with my local hospital and my care needed to be transferred to London. That did create a lot of tension and I lost trust . 

I think we all have felt frustrated, angry and fed up at times. 

So please try to be positive. It will soon be over

take care 

lots of love

Rahman x