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Brachetherapy how many sessions isbenough

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Hi everyone. I have had treatment for my reoccurence 6 weeks ago. I was 3 days in hospital I had threatment for 21 hours ( PDR brachetherapy) not sure how much I was having on the hour. Seeing the Dr who did the treatment on Monday. I don't know if this is my only treatment.  Unfortunately whilst dilating (I was told to do this 2 weeks) I have felt a tiny lump. Possible cause vagina trauma suggested by the nurse; Well we will have to see.  Had a major melt down but have managed to pick my self up. The lump is in the spot where I had bad pain during treatment so this thought is keeping me going at the moment. I am thinking will the one session if that is all I am having will be enough.  Take care everyone xx

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I am sorry to hear about your recurrence. 

Please do stay positive and hopefully the treatment 

has worked. 

I am thinking and praying for you

lots of love

Rahman x

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Thank you xx

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Hi Chickpic, Gentle hugs coming your way. You understandably sound very frightened about finding this lump after treatment. Your CNS’s explanation sounds reasonable and hopefully the doc can confirm this. I can’t answer your question as to whether one session of brachytherspybis enough - I wish I could put your mind at ease. I’m sure the doctors will have worked out your treatment plan very carefully.  Please let us know how you get on when you see your doctor next week. You are in my thoughts and prayers x

Little lamb
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Hi, chickpic. I can't comment I'm afraid as I haven't had that treatment but just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and you are also in my prayers. Hope everything goes well for you and keep uupdated with your progress. God bless love xx

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Hi Chickpic,

Just had to say when my husband had radiotherapy on his neck, (13 years ago), his neck was rock hard after radiotherapy. It took nearly two years to heal and go soft again, so I hope you are similar. His speech and language therapist told him' Never underestimate the power of radiotherapy'. Its so true.