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One Year On

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Hello lovely ladies

Well today last year was my last chemo following my stage 4 diagnosis - wow it's been tough but I'm still here.  I'm just posting this to give hope to anyone else who finds themselves in the same situation and to say thanks to all of you who are so supportive in this group.  I don't post often but I keep an eye out for you all and wish you love and happiness always. xx

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Hi  Great to hear you're a year on from treatment. Little happy dance  Onwards and upwards xx

Little lamb
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Hello, daisyGB, I just wanted to say that's great news and to thank you for posting to encourage us all in our journeys. It is comforting to know how people are coping and that life goes on, although I can imagine that it's taken a different pathway from its original route you had planned. It's also nice to know you are keeping a watchful eye over all of us. I realise as people recover from this awful disease that they have their reasons for leaving sites and not posting so often , indeed some may not wish to be reminded of the event or may no longer need the support. Some return to working and with getting on with their own lives and commitments simply do not have the time. So my heart always gives a little skip of joy when you see a post from a name you recognise that you haven't seen for a long time and they fill you in on how they are, what they are doing etc. I can't speak for everybody but personally I find myself drifting back to people I have posted to in the past who for whatever reason are taking a break from the site, and find myself wondering how they are doing now or how a close relative is coping with their journey and it's so nice when they come back with a line of two...like old friends returning to the fold. I hope I haven't given the impression that everybody has to keep in touch because that is not my intention at all..I respect everyone reasons for not doing so albeit that they are having a break, find it distressing or simply have no further need to . It is nice to hear though. So I wish you well in your new journey, onwards and upwards as they say, and just want to thank you again for your support. God bless. Love lamb.xx