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9 month biopsy let down

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I’ve been on Provera since September, 3 month biopsy no change and 6 months biopsy it was positive and signs of hormones working so we started to feel positive. It was the first time we had some posive news. Went to what we thought was a fertility appointment today as the plan was to start IVF after a year if Provera  worked, to be told results of last biopsy at 9 months shows no change at allince 6 months which isn’t what they had hoped. It feels like everything has come crashing down around us again! They have increased my dose to 800mg a day which is really high to see if that makes a difference for 12 month biopsy at end of August but now I’ve lost all hope. I feel like we are back at square 1 but with no plan b this time as we’ve  already tried it  

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I do know how you feel. I lost two babies before I managed with help to carry one successfully. I had begun to look into adoption. And no matter what anyone said, it made me feel no better..

I do hope the increased dose works for you, not that I know much about the subject. Hopefully, Lass may have some words of wisdom.

Much Love xxxxxx

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I will tag , because she knows a lot about hormone treatment and maybe able to add some wise words as , has said. I am really very sorry to hear what your going though with the thought you would be starting your ivf planning now instead told you need to wait to see what happens at 12 months, I realise this must be frustrating, scary and feeling like giving up but I hope you get some positive news.

  GBear Xxxx 

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So sorry to hear this, . I hope this higher dose works for you, Sending some gentle hugs your way xx

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Please do not lose hope and try to stay positive. 

Try to relax and take care of yourself.

best wishes for the future


Little lamb
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Hi littlemissscared, I'm so sorry you have received this news especially when you were hoping for your ivf treatment to begin. As rahman says please don't give up hope..it's hopefully just a little bump in your journey that will resolve itself. My thoughts and prayers are with you . Love lamb.xx

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Hello again LittleMiss, 

Sorry for the delay in replying, I'm not feeling great at the minute after ending up with a rare complication after a colonoscopy the other week! Fun.... Not. 


I'm really sorry to hear that the appointment didn't go as planned and as hoped. Sadly, our bodies don't always behave or work to the timetables we'd like them to!

The good news is that at 6 months there was a change noted. So things are responding to the treatment, it's not like nothing at all has ever changed or been positive. So hold on to that. 

Have any of your Dr's suggested doing a myosure procedure on you? It's basically like a hysteroscopy, only with more/bigger instruments so they give you a local anaesthetic into your cervix. They then remove as much of your lining and any polyps as they can with a snazzy choppy straw thing. (best description I could think of for it! Lol)

The idea is that you take as much away as possible so that the progesterone is only working to stop your body from growing more. It isn't also trying to persuade your body to let go of what it's already made. I had two myosure procedures done myself before getting the results they wanted.

I'd also suggest, as delicately as I can, that you don't put a timeline on your fertility treatments. Right now, you're trying to deal with two major things at once, where a lot of people would have issues just dealing with one of them. Could I suggest setting the fertility issue aside, just for now, and focusing on the cancer. Otherwise, each time there's a setback, it's a double blow instead of just a single. Once you've wrangled your womb back under control and you know things are good there, then open the box on fertility and trying for a baby. But not until the womb is behaving itself, just to help you get through this.

My fingers are crossed for you! 



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