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Weight gain with chemo

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Hi All,

Here I was relying on being a bit off my food to help with weight, but I suppose I should not have doubted my metabolic capacity to put weight on.

I seem to have gained 5lbs since my chemo ( cisplatin) on Tuesday, eating my normal maintenance diet.

Anyone else had this problem, and how have you dealt with it?

I am a former Lighterlife user, and will ask but suspect the doctors will say no to that.

So, my current thoughts are eliminate carbs and sugar, do mainly fish or chicken with veg or salad.

Any advice ( or that it's not just me) gratefully received.

Mrs Woodentop.
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Hi Mrs Woodentop,

My daughter put on weight during chemo for breast cancer. I think your body is fighting the chemo and needs nourishment to help it do that. She had to eat little meals, often to help with nausea. She did far more resting than normal, which she needed to do, but that didn't help the weight, either. She went on a strict diet afterwards, took up running for exercise, and lost it all. I shouldn't worry too much, but ask the medical people. xxxxxx

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To be honest, they often say that having a bit of extra weight during chemo is a good thing. It gives your body a bit extra to get it through the tough times and to keep you healthier. 

I wouldn't worry about it at the moment. Just get through the chemo and see where you're at then, then deal with any loss or gain as you need to. 



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Hello I agree with that the doctors don't seem too worried about a little weight gain. The CNS chemo nurses told me quite categorically that eating healthily was important but that on no account was this a time to go on a diet. If you suffer with sickness and diarrhoea after chemo it's easy to lose a lot of weight quite quickl and it's hard to put back on. . They encouraged me to try to keep my weight up a little and to eat healthily, so lots of lean protein, fruit and veg etc, with some carbs. Like 's daughter I found small, frequent meals were preferable, especially on the days I felt nauseous. The first day or so I lived on toast and light meals. I found the smell of certain foods unpleasant and my poor husband sometimes would ask me what I'd like only for me to say I don't know, it depends how it smells.....sounds silly I know but for the first few days of each cycle that's how it was. After that I was ok. The chemo nurses took the attitude that if you were struggling to eat and really fancied something, just eat it. Please don't feel you have to deny yourself the occasional treat - sometimes a biscuit or a slice of cake does wonders for a tired spirit. As the ladies have said, worry about any weight gain once you're through the treatment. I hope all co tiniest to go well x