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First appointment

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Hi again everyone. Just had a letter through, I have my first appointment with the gynaecology oncology team on Wednesday. Bit anxious about it and have no idea what to expect. Any help much appreciated x

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Hi there, . You can expect to be asked lots of questions about your medical history, symptoms etc. It might be helpful to write down a time line of events so that you don't miss out anything important. If in doubt, include it and let then decide what they need. They'll probably ask about any family history of cancer too. You might be sent for blood tests and you may meet your allocated clinical nurse specialist if you haven't already. Take a list of your questions and a notebook and pen to write down any  answers and info you are given. A partner or trusted friend can be a good second pair of ears. The team will explain if you need any scans (ct and/or MRI) and timescales for treatment. You may also be asked to sign consent forms for surgery too. 

It can seem like a whirlwind of appointments at this stage and it can make you feel quite anxious. I remember feeling anxious when I was diagnosed 3yrs ago but my team are great and the CNS is a great source of support. She should give you a number you can ring any time with any queries as you think of them (it's usually an answering machine here but they get back to me within a couple of days) Don't be afraid to ask questions when you go - the team will want you to feel supported and they are on your side. x