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Struggling today

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Hi everyone...having a tough day. It’s my first day at work since the diagnosis. I work in a primary school. Everyone knew as I had contacted my head teacher and asked him to tell the staff. People were so lovely to me but it was emotionally very difficult to take the sympathy! I have just come home as I was struggling to cope. I am going back in later as I work at the after school club. I was diagnosed on Friday...still getting used to it. I feel like I want this uterus out right now. I want to fast forward time to when I will be well again. Like I said...struggling today x

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Hi . Big gentle hugs coming your way. I remember this stage very well from my diagnosis in 2016. Telling family, friends and colleagues is never easy. It's emotionally draining dealing with everyone's reactions. It's very early days and everything you're feeling is perfectly understandable and normal. The best advice I had in the early days came from my Clinical Nurse Specialist who told me to just deal with things one day at a time - take it hour by hour, minute by minute if you need to. It takes some getting used to and you may well find you're all over the place emotionally for a while. We chose to take a very positive approach and so put a positive  spin on things as far as we could (though we were totally honest with our girls and their partners and which very close family and friends.) We found that in the main people reacted well to this and followed our lead. Be kind to yourself over these next few days and weeks, just as you would be to your best friend if she were going through this. It can be hard but you will get through it and we're here to hold your hand whenever you need us. x

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Thank you so much for reaching out and holding my hand x I’m so grateful x

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Hello , I think its normal to feel the way your feeling, a cancer diagnosis is a huge shock and I am sorry you have had to join us because of this. I remember when I was diagnosed I was shocked, angered and confused, for months I was told I just had a couple of small fibroids then I get a big whammy of being told its cancer. I know I just wanted the cancer out right away to get this offending item out of me its scary. Telling family and friends can be difficult I decided to go into work straight away and tell my colleagues my diagnosis I remember shaking like a leaf but fairly calm too. My Dad took it bad with a few explicit words and my Mum knew that she had to deal with it. 

Sending you a gentle hug and a comforting hand to hold

  GBear Xxxx 

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“Don't live in the past, but live for today” 

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Thank you so much

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Hi stephy,

I work in a big office and on the day I was diagnosed I called in and let them know what was happening, that was a Friday and like you by the time I got back on the Monday everyone seemed to know what was happening. The first day back most people wanted to wish me well but it got better as the week went on and people left me to it. I was only back a week and that let me clear my desk and pass things along as I then had three weeks annual leave pre booked, that took me to my operation date handily. 

what you do now is totally up to you but I'm sure your gp would be happy to sign you off for a few weeks, or your work might consider reduced hours / lighter duties for you until your treatment starts. Work was a good distraction for the week but it was also difficult to focus my energy on it, I think I was on auto pilot. 

Every every day passed will get you a day closer to your op, be kind to yourself and remember we are all here for you.

lots of love