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Just had my first radiotherapy session

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Hi All,

I have just had my first Radiotherapy session, and for anyone who is waiting and wondering, I have put a description of what happened in the Radiotherapy group.

Because I still have private medical insurance through my husband's work, I am having my adjuvant therapy privately.

The type of radiotherapy I am having is IGRT ( image guided radiotherapy ) so no tattoos, and VMAT ( Volumetric Modulated arc Therapy). It's very targeted therefore,  as I believe is the case  for all the therapy used these days.

It was all very easy, I was fascinated by the machine. Felt like it was my robot friend.From walking in to the building to walking out was 30 minutes. I would guess the actual treatment was about 15 minutes of that.

Hope that reassures anyone who is waiting to do theirs.

Hugs all round and hope everyone has a good day today.

Mrs Woodentop.