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Recent diagnosis

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Hi all...I just joined today. Following a big bleed I was gicen a hysteroscopy and polypectomy with biopsy. On Tuesday I was called in to discuss the results. I was told it was complex hyperplasia with atypia and a hysterectomy was needed. I’m 43 no kids by choice o was ok with that...as much as I could be anyway. Then on Friday I was called in again and told that following further review by a multi disciplinary team the cells are in fact cancerous. I still need a hysterectomy but quicker for obvious reasons. I am still in a state of shock really. Worried about what happens next. 

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Hi stephylamb,

i was in your shoes nearly two years ago, I was 35 at the time with no kids, kinda by choice. I was treated with a hysterectomy, I was diagnosed in June and had my op in early august. After my diagnosis they gave me an MRI scan, not everyone gets a scan but wanted to mention it Incase you get one. I then had my pre op appointment and signed my consent forms and that was me. There are some younger women on the site who are being treated with hormone therapy, rather than the hysterectomy, its not suitable for everyone, but if you do want to preserve your fertility it's worth asking about your options, I didn't ask my options and I kind of wish I had, although I'd have probably still have had my surgery,

The shock is normal, take things at your own pace, there is no right or wrong. The surgery was fine, we have lots of tips to help when you are ready to hear about them, just ask. I was so worried about surgery but I was home after two nights and I had a full open surgery, I was up and dressed and showered on my own the morning after my op in the hospital. Pain wise I went home with ibuprofen and paracetamol, I was pleasantly surprised at how well I felt and how mobile I was, although you do need to take it easy.

Ill stop yapping now but please ask me anything at all, I'm an open book, if you are feeling something or worrying about something it's likely that I or one of the others have gone through the same thing.

lots of love


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Hi StephyLamb,   

I understand you feel shocked it is a frightening thing to be told. I was diagnosed on March 28th this year, I had my hysterectomy on May 10th, so I am now 4 weeks post op and I feel great.  I am back at work and managing between 8,000 and 12,000 steps a day.  I haven't returned to my other activities yet (I do ballet, tap & play saxophone) but am hoping to resume them again in the next couple of weeks.  I am seeing the radiotherapy consultant on Tuesday as I've been told further treatment is needed, but having come through the surgery I feel I can cope with anything else this thing throws at me. 

Every professional I have spoken to has been fantastic, no question is too silly and I have even rung the nurse a couple of times outside of my appointments to clarify some details and it's never a bother to them to talk to you or get back to you if they are busy at the time.  Everyone's recovery is different and there are some terrifying posts out there, but for me it was nothing like as frightening a s I imagined. 

Hope all goes well for you.

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I'm someone (37) being treated with hormones rather than hysterectomy. 

It isn't just about preserving fertility though, that's not why I'm taking this route as I've no interest in having kids with my genes - they're too fucked up. It's about not going through the menopause too early, and then dealing with the problems and side effects of that down the line. For me as well, it was about avoiding unnecessary surgery, especially as I'm overweight and at high risk of death/complications during a general anaesthetic.

At my last checkup, the hormone therapy was working. No sign of the cancer, no sign of the atypical hyperplasia, and no sign of hyperplasia. It was a picture perfect womb. So it def works, and sounds like it could be an option for you if you were interested as you're on that line of hyperplasia and cancer, just depends on who looks at it in what way. 



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Hi StephyLamb

I received a diagnosis of Grade 1 Endometrial Cancer 2 days ago. I am awaiting a scan for it to be Staged. I am definately having a total Hysterectomy. Like you I am in shock too. Xx