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Feeling a bit anxious today

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Hi ladies hope your all doing well!

As the title says, I’m just feeling a bit anxious today, not sure why I’m particular! 

I had my MRI with contrast yesterday and some bloods done today. My veins are so deep and I got punctured 5 times and needed an ultrasound to find my veins  

My oncologist said if the MRI shows anything really alarming, she’ll phone. If not she’ll just write a letter. I’m hoping for a letter!!

Ive been on the hormone treatment for 2 weeks now and I get nausea, headaches and cramps. Other than that it’s okay and miles better than the alternatives! 

I’m not asking why me? It’s more of a why now? I’m too young and desperate for a family. I copied deal with this better if I already had my family. I’ve not even started yet

Just having a bit of a down day, you know? Xx

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Hi Meg,

Big, big hug coming your way!!!   XXXXXX

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Hi Meg ,

Big hugs. 

You are bound to feel down sometimes, we all do I think, even when able to be positive other times.

I suggest doing things which are not demanding and which you enjoy,  and not trying to achieve anything that doesnt relax you, just look after yourself.

Hope you have  good news soon xxx

Mrs Woodentop.
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Gentle hugs coming from me to you. Please don’t beat yourself up about feeling anxious and down. Better to own your feelings than hide them away. We’ll sit here with you as long as you need us to. xx

Little lamb
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Hugs coming from me too darling..the waiting is the worst bit. As fairycake says we are all with you and everybody is entitled to an anxious day..best to get those feelings out in the open rather than eating you up inside. God bless you.x

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Thank you everyone. I know I will feel better, it’s just a bad few days. Waiting is the worst too. Tomorrow is a new day xx