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Results yesterday

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I met with consultant yesterday after he had attended the Multi Disciplinary Meeting. The MRI and CT scan results would suggest that there is no spread to other organs. However I was told that it was uterine serous adenocarcinoma. The word 'serous' was omitted in my initial diagnosis.

I have to have radical hysterectomy, lymph node removal and omentum sampling within 3 weeks. The surgery will be keyhole. The consultant said that no matter whether it is in lymph nodes/omentum or not I would almost certainly be having chemotherapy and radiotherapy which would start 2-3 weeks after surgery.

I asked about BRCA too as I had breast cancer which was triple negative in 2005. He said they will test for that and it may or may not be a factor. I'm hoping not for my children's sake.

So last night hubby and I went out for dinner and celebrated the fact that it wasn't visible in other organs. We've decided to celebrate any slightest bit of 'good news'. 

So now waiting for a call for surgery. The sooner the better please!

I'm a huge tennis fan and support both Andy and Jamie Murray. One of the tennis tournament that takes place in Glasgow is now being called The Murray Cup. So I have booked tickets for the entire week in September with the Murraynators fan group. I'm planning on being there and shouting myself hoarse! We all need a target don't we?

Thank you to everyone who has offered advice to me so far. 

Tips for surgery?

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Such a good news. I am happy that it has not spread to other organs. 

I was diagnosed with same cancer but it was stage 4 and high grade. 

I had a very radical surgery. My omentom was removed even though they left little bit . My organs were ok as well. 

I am in remission at the moment. 

You will be fine. I had to wait for at least 4 weeks before they started the cameo therapy because I was very unwell. 

Just keep faith in your god and all will be ok

stay positive

lots of prayers



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Hi Granny,

Im glad that you don't have any spread and that you have already set up a good treat to look forward to, I'm so sorry that you are facing all of this for a second time. My top tips for surgery are:

windeez - the post op wind is quite bad, something to move your bowels after the op - I waited too long to take action and the constipation was bad, I thought I was going to do myself an injury, earplugs - the hospital can be noisy, a cushion to hold against your belly when you get up and down, or cough, and for the car journey home and some light reading, puzzles or knitting for the pre surgery wait

i had ôpen surgery and it was so much better than I thought, I woke up with a catheter in, that came out the next morning painlessly and I was so glad of it as it meant I could stay in bed all night. I got home after two nights on ibuprofen and paracetamol. They sent me home with lovely surgical stockings to wear for six weeks, I'd check if they want you to do the same and if so see if you can get an extra pair for washing. I washed and dressed on my own the morning after the op, so you are quite mobile, you just have to restrict your movements. I had lots of pillows to make me comfortable at home in bed as I usually sleep on my belly but I was more comfortable on my back and then my side with pillows either side of me, I think one of those long pregnancy cushions might be good.

 Lots of love 


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I just read your details and I love your positive attitude.  I had a hysteroscopy yesterday and it was not that pleasant! It was done with local and slightly sore.  I have had no cramps just felt a bit sick during it and rumbly tummy.  On the screen it showed abnormal lininng of womb, it looked like mushroom things which were white growing off lining!  The lady who did it said she had no idea if this was the reslt of tamoxifen I have had for ten years or cancer so I am waiting for biopsy results and horrible worrying time.  I had breast cancer ten years ago.  Anyone had the same show up on the screen at hysteroscopy?   

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I had radical hysterectomy with lymph node and omentum removal as well. Surgery was keyhole and I was in hospital two nights rather than the planned one night. Paracetamol and ibuprofen were staple pa8n relief afterwards. Going to the toilet took a while to settle but did eventually. I had 3 sessions of brachytherapy 6 weeks later and it’s that which has taken the longest to recover from. I’m still not feeling well and am awaiting results of a further scan.

I hope that once the surgery is done you will feel a lot better knowing the cancer is gone. I hope everything goes well for you! X

Little lamb
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that's great news of no spread to other organs grannyA. And glad you have the tennis to look forward to as a treat. I had my hysterectomy two weeks ago,womb cervix,tubes and ovaries removed, omentum biopsy and washings. Was keyhole and open abdominal surgery. Was discharged with paracetamol and ibuprofen as painkillers but did have morphine and codeine initially which constipated me. Arlas hospital list is spot on and I followed her tips as well as other advice given by other ladies. If you take wind preparations,as it was a big problem for me too and so painful, keep it well hidden. Mine was discovered by an over vigilant nurse and I had a lot of explaining to do as to why I had it..not that they offered anything to relieve the symptoms! Anyway I hope you aren't waiting too long for your surgery. Take care.x

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Hi Granny A,

Good for you for celebrating no spread!! I think you have the right attitude to fight this!!

I celebrated not needing radiotherapy. I desperately needed a walk in the countryside, so husband parked in a dodgy looking layby. We had our walk, and a pub lunch, all of which I enjoyed. Half way home the car made a funny noise and told us the car tyre was down. When we looked there was a huge nail in it. So our celebration cost us rather more than we bargained for!!!!

Good luck xxxx

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, its fantastic news to know there us no spread.

My surgery was what I like to call half and half, why because it was keyhole surgery up until the surgeon saw just how bulky my womb was so he cut though my bellybutton down around two inches. But surgery wasn't as bad as I expected, I was pre menopause and the night I was in hospital was awful I couldn't sleep because I was burning up and it was frustrating I was wanting to sleep plus the morphine drip with the self medicated was great. The catheter is a bit weird I was worried I would knock it out because I was tossing and tuning, but they are more secure then they look the wind pain is rather uncomfortable they pump gas into the abdomen so they get a clearer view so sometimes the air travels up to shoulder. The bowels have a little snooze during surgery and I was given movcol to get them going. I was got out of bed early the next day and I felt drunk at first but lucky not to be sick as it can make you feel nauous. The important thing is it was no way near as bad as I thought.

  GBear Xxxx 

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Thank you all for your lovely replies and tips, much appreciated :-)

I'm (strangely?) not worried about the surgery. I look on it as the means of getting this cancer out of my body and that is a good thing :-)

My son and daughter have now told my grandchildren all about Granny. The older ones were a bit upset at first but could ask questions and are okay now. The youngest one aged 6 asked Mummy 'so what are the bad bits for that will be taken away?' Mummy replied that they were the bits that let ladies have babies. His reply 'well thank goodness for that I don't want Granny to have any babies!'

It made us all laugh, hope it gives you a smile too.

The thought of the chemo worries me much more as I didn't have any after my breast cancer. I've been in touch with my hairdresser and he says he'll see me when I'm ready and can 'fix' me up as and when and where privately I've just to let him know and he'll be there. I've been with him for many years so I feel as though I have an ally I can trust :-) 

I'll get the surgery over first before I come back to you about the chemo side though. One step at a time!

Thank you all again. xx

Little Critter
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Hi Yes Arla's list is spot on. One thing I would really recommend …….. 2 pairs of big pants !!!! I found the bigger, over the tummy button bigger, the better. I wore 2 pairs so that it helped to support around the op site. It was indeed a relief. 

Wishing you all the luck in the world !!