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Update on the clinical trial

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That's great news danoli I'm so pleased for you and its so encouraging for others in the same to hear this positive news. 

Thinking of you sweetheart xx

Nic xxx

There's a Silver lining in the clouds of doubt
Lean into the storm with
Open arms and let them know
You didn't come this far to just let go                                    Your spark can start a fire. .. 

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Dear Daloni

So pleased to read that the trial is working for you.  Good to hear from Phin (Lesley) as well. You two were the first to answer when I joined this forum in 2015 and shared that I had Serous and Clear Cell and was struggling to decide which adjuvant treatment to have. Nice that you mention dear Linda as well. She was always here with helpful and loving contributions back then.  You did indeed take up the baton and helped me and so many others. We will always be grateful.

I am doing well and enjoying early retirement.  Checkups are six monthly. I know I am very fortunate. I only post here now if I feel I have something specific to contribute but usually everything is covered but the wonderful ladies who have taken up the baton.

I pray you will get to the end of the trial with the minimum of issues and the results will be spectacularly good. Have a great summer.

Happy Easter to everyone.

Ann xx