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I'm so scared 6 month post op and bleeding

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Hi Chickplc

I am so sorry to hear this, it takes you back to those emotions and shock at diagnosis. I saw my Gynaecologist yesterday and asked him this very question...he told me if the Hysterectomy is removed complete and Histology says there is no spread they tend not to do adjunct therapy.

I did say what if some cancer cells stray on removal, he said you are checked at 3 months and every three months initially. I think Adjunct therapy should be offered for exactly this reason.  Did you get an abdominal wash, my surgeon will be doing this and said it will be sent to the Lab for testing, it should show up any stray cancer cells and then adjunct therapy would be offered.

I am sorry this happened, hopefully your therapy will eradicate it.

Love Nina

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Hi Nina yes they did the wash and it was clear. My Gynaecologist when she found it mentioned that at pathology that there were cells in the blood I wasn't told this and I said why didn't I have chemo and she said it is not given at my stage and grade.  I spoke to my GP and she said that there is no mention of this in their report.  Speaking with the oncologist he suggests this has happened through surgery.  The tumor was inadvertently removed at biopsy so my CT scan was clear before brachetherapy. I have had 1 long session. I think I am still considered low risk. I have to have faith in the doctor's. As my husband says they see this day in day out and have experience. The tumor was 5mm grade 1 and removed so I can only hope. Thank you for responding and take care. Xxx

Lara lou xx
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Thank you dawn, the thing is hun, if we are not given a choice that means we do not have one, like you I don’t  see the big picture, they do, so they would have taken into account everything regarding you, and were probably very confident that it would not recur, but knowing they had brachytherapy as a back up if it did, on the other hand if they gave brachytherapy just like that it could cause other problems later and there would be no reserve, look at bless her, one stray cell that jumped into her ovary, yours is probably one stray cell as well, like they say, and now it has been found and zapped, we can’t beat ourselves up for not having a choice, we have to have faith in the professionals don’t we hun, good luck to you going forward dawn xx

Don’t ever give up hope, there are earth Angels all around us and Miracles really do happen xx 
Lara lou xx
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Thank you reading how you explained it, really does make sense, it always seems clearer when someone else says something compared to how I see it in my mind xx

Don’t ever give up hope, there are earth Angels all around us and Miracles really do happen xx 
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I have a feeling that whether or not you have had adjuvant treatment, the possibility of a recurrence remains in your subconscious mind..  As time goes by it fades a bit but every so often will pop back to plague you.  Perhaps that is not a completely bad thing as it may keep you vigilant for changes, certainly at the start.. 

Speaking for myself I realise that recently I have been more frequently reading posts on this forum and replying.  Previously I only gave it a quick  occasional glance.  Then I realised the date.....  I completed my radiotherapy in early June 2015 exactly 4 years ago - does  my subconscious mind have a calendar, I wonder? 



(Class of 2015!)

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I was stage 1a grade 2  and  and only had surgery and yes you worry about reaccurrance it only takes a rogue cell to escape. We rely on the expertise of our speacialist teams they have to evaluate all things like general health, age and possible advantage over disadvantage over treatment. I have to say only having surgery doesn't feel as though it is enough to remove cancer. I once asked my CNS about that and she said that if the cancer is well contained then the likely hood its all removed is very high. I had my hysterectomy tissue all put inside a "little baggie" as my consultant put it and he was very positive that everything is gone. I recently found out how I am borderline on staging so now I wonder which way? Stage 1 but near 2 or 1a or 1b? I once thought about asking then I thought it would only worry me, in the end I felt better feeling like it was successfully removed. We can't predict what will happen in the future and hopefully no reaccurrance but there is never 100% grantees on this, but we have to trust our medical team. I am sorry  about what's happened and I am sure its a lot to take in because of being low stage but on a positive note your team spotted it and dealt with it and hopefully this will completely remove all cancer cells. Fingers crossed for this.

  GBear Xxxx 

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