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Post Menopausal Bleeding - Suspected Endometrial Cancer

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I truly hope so. My thoughts were the longer the better but I know that's not always the case. I'm in holiday next week so going away to forget it.  To be truthful I hope the letter doesn't arrive before I leave now as I'd rather see results on return and enjoy my holiday now x

Thank you for your thoughts ️ x

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Hi Army 

Sorry you are still waiting for your results!  Me too, will be 6 weeks on Thursday!  It seems like years not weeks !!! 

I have an appointment on Monday 20th May with Gyne, so hopefully will know one way or the other then ! 

Hope you hear something soon xxx

Little lamb
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Enjoy your holiday army and try your best to put it all to the back of your mind,not easy i know. What will be will be and although I hope you get a good outcome, if you don't we are all here to support you and ride the storm together. God bless you.x