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Multiple post menopause bleeds

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Thank you in advance for any information anyone can give me . I am post menopausal . ( im 55 ) I went through menopause early due to an under active thyroid . 3- 4 years ago I had a small bleed and was fast tracked to the hospital for a scan l I saw a gynaecologist who sent me for a hystoscopy . A small polyp was found to be hiding and was removed . I had another bleed a year later and again a polyp was removed . My womb lining was slightly thicker but nothing to worry about .

 Since then I’ve been on Ovestin Cream and not had a lot of problems . 6 months ago I noticed a wet feeling and thought I had lost urine

 but it did have a strange smell , like straw . This carried on for a while. I saw my GP who didn’t think it was much of a problem, just a urine infection . I then had a discharge which I hadn’t had since before my menopause . It wasn’t bloody so I thought it was an infection as I had been a bit sore and I had a low backache for a while . 

2 weeks ago I saw a Male GP again as I thought my bladder was playing up and I was losing urine when I sat down or crouched down to hug my granddaughter . My GP made an appointment for me to see the female GP but on Monday I woke up with a nagging feeling in my groin, pains in my legs and passed brown blood . My first thought was polyps again but last time I had no leg pain or groin pains . Then by Wednesday the bleeding had got heavier and now I feel like I’m having a very heavy period . I also have a severe headache ( maybe from worry ) like a vice around my head . It could be blood loss . 

I am being fast tracked for an Ultra sound on Wednesday then depending on the results a 2 week wait to go to the hospital . Has anyone had multiple bleeds and polyps since menopause . I wasn’t sure if they grew back or if they multiplied this fast . 

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Hi Lisa,

You have found a safe place to wait, lots of women pass through the group with similar circumstances and get the all clear. This waiting and worrying part is just the pits though. The stats say 90% of womb biopsies are not cancerous.

The good news is that you are being fast tracked and shouldn't have to wait too long to know what's happening. 

Whatever happens we are here with you and to keep you company whilst you wait, I was diagnosed before menopause so don't have any relevant experience but hopefully someone who does will be along soon.

lots of love 


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Arla thank you so much for your kind words . I think the worrying is causing my  new symptoms but I feel positive it could be just polyps again. Xx 

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Hi lisa.

I'm going through very similar symptoms.  Only I have never had polyps so far. And I'm also premenopausal I think.   I've had an ultrasound and transvaginal scan. After a mix up with bookings for my biopsy I should find out tomorrow if the drs have now successfully managed to fast track me.  

My concern also is the nagging pains in lower abdomen and lower back and headache's and also loss of breath. Is more due to worry and stress  than medical.  Hopefully will find out soon enough.  

Please let me know how you get on.  Fingers crossed all ok x

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Hi Army 

I hope you get good news , please keep me posted . I went from bleeding heavy yesterday to no bleeding today but crippling back pain and headaches today . I think the headaches are from worry and no sleep . Does no bleeding mean good news or will this maybe affect being fast tracked 


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Not sure hun.  I had no periods from Nov to Jan then periods every 21 days for last three periods .  At moment I'm up to day 26 and no period for me yet. up until Nov I was 28 days every month.  

I'm putting my headaches also down to no sleep and not eating.  Every lower abdominal twinge now is worrying.  But who knows until the biopsy.  

Your ultraultra may come back normal and you may not need a biopsy. Fingers crossed.