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How long between diagnosis and surgery date?

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Hi Macmi1 just picked up this thread. Everyone on here does understand I do. I'm 5 month post op and I still feel angry then I calm off and then the black clouds come the Cancer sitting on my shoulder affecting my emotions, making me feel isolated and miserable. I was so bad and fed up that I didn't want to go to my first follow up appointment. My husband was unhappy with me, my sister bless her trying to get me there whilst walking on eggshells. 

What you are experiencing is possibly ''normal' for having a cancer diagnosis.  I found when I joined this forum - my life line - that when reading our ladies experience s, there are similarities with the emotional journey, the fears, the anger, and wishing that it all could be different.  Yes be self absorbed, I was and to a lesser degree still am but I am now turning things around working towards my plans because what happened happened I cannot change that and I totally get  feeling lost of control that has really had a profound affect on me but I have taken control where I can I discuss my views on my health plan more constructively now rather feeling like a patient zombie. 

I hope your treatment goes well I wish you well,  take care xxx