How long between diagnosis and surgery date?

I have been fast tracked through everything so far with FIVE medical appointments in a NINE day span.  After those nine days, nothing has happened since, for the next nine consecutive days.

As I have been transferred from one hospital to another, the cancer nurser at the outgoing hospital doesn't return calls despite leaving numerous messages of desperation, and the hospital I am being referred to doesn't give out information to the patient.

I am trapped between two hospitals who won't/can't provide information, and I am unable to plan, confirm or cancel any social/business arrangements more than 24 hours away.  How long am I likely to have to wait for an operation date?

  • I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis , and a very warm welcome to the community. What an awful situation, your trying to process and being sent from pillar to post by both hospitals. I would consider contacting the hospitals PALS and tell them your frustration that I am sure your having. Commincations from hospitals to patients is so important I think they forget sometimes that your already got a lot of stress with your diagnosis.

    I waited around four weeks between diagnosis and my operation but I was aloud to go on a two week holiday between diagnosis and operation it was an already planned holiday which actually was good to relax a bit and process it all. It seems to vary how long between diagnosis and operation and also treatment in general. The lovely ladies here are very supportive and I am sure they will all say hello. With different treatment and staging there us a wealth of knowledge.

    Sending you a big hug

      GBear Xxxx 

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  • Thank you for your very quick support, it's valued, believe me.

  • Hi Macmil,

    I was diagnosed in June and had my operation in August, they were able to tell me roughly when they thought my operation would be but  didn't confirm until a few days before. Have you had your pre op appointment? You are likely to get one before your operation. 

    Can your gp help chase things along for you? 

    Lots of love 


  • Thank you sooo much for your quick response.

    Unfortunately, I was led to believe it was urgent urgent urgent, but reading comments etc it now seems my idea of urgent is not theirs.  Told to "carry on as normal" is utterly ridiculous, partly given the shock of the unexpected diagnosis, and partly due to the inability to confirm or cancel any plans.

    Your support to another sufferer is greatly appreciated, thank you.

  • Hi macmil,

    It must be so frustrating and confusing to get such mixed messages, we hear urgent and think they will be doing something in a few days and to the medics urgent seems to be within a few weeks. I went on a pre booked holiday for a week before my op like Gbear, my hospital worked around it, I also worked at work for a week and the rest of the time I had pre booked annual leave, so it wasn't too bad passing my time, but I was like a zombie / on auto pilot through those weeks, I was there in body and not in mind. There's no business as usual, it's more like let's get through this day and onto the next one.

    i didn't want to know much about things at first, it took me a few weeks, but please feel free to ask us anything at your own pace. 

    I found preparing for my operation quite a good distraction, buying things for my bag and getting the house ready for getting back home. We have loads of operation tips when you are ready for them too.

    lots of love


  • Hi Macmi1,

    I am so sorry to hear your news and your stressful situation.

    My partner had a similar experience. He was diagnosed with bowel cancer September 17,within 2 weeks he had been given various appointments and operated on,it was amazing how quickly the hospital worked. We really couldn't praise everybody in the medical team enough.

    Unfortunately October 2018 after being called for a CT scan he was told the cancer had returned, and was then asked to attend a PET scan...

    The results of the PET scan weren't good news,to be told it had spread to numerous places and inoperable is devastating enough, but then to have to chase your own appointments etc is extremely stressful and I feel unacceptable...

    If we hadn't made phone calls after phone calls I am sure the chemotherapy would not have commenced when it did.

    I do feel sometimes people don't stop to take on board how the patient and their loved ones are really feeling and what an immense stressful and upsetting time it is for all concerned. I think because they are dealing with this everyday they can lose their way a little in relating to what people are really going through. I don't think intensionally, just because it's 'their job'.

    I do know it is a different experience for everybody, and I wish you all the very best,and hope you can get sorted very soon.

    Lots of Love. xx

    Love to each and everyone of you out there... Xx

  • I was diagnosed Dec 10th 2018.....operated on Jan 23rd 2019. I had a hospital transfer too and Xmas in the middle. I would keep calling, you must be screwing yourself into the ground.I personally would keep calling both hospitals 

    Stay strong .you are in good hands x

    Debs x
  • Hi Macmil,

    I had a similar experience in that once I went to the doctor it was all systems go. He actually questioned about sending me doubly fast!!

    After the hospital had done all the tests and scans I was given a date for the operation. I was suddenly rung up on a Thursday to go for a pre op on Friday, with a view to having the operation on the Tuesday!!!! I was in a flat spin I can tell you. I had no decent nightie, no pads, no bag packed and I was very worried about this speed. On Friday, while at the pre op I got a phone call to say they had an emergency, and my Tuesday operation was cancelled. I had to wait another 2 weeks, which made little difference to my outcome.

    It turned out in the end that I had low stage cancer, which was sorted out with just the operation! But, I suppose they don't really know that until they get in there and see what's going on.

    I agree that you should ring both hospitals. During both our cancers we have learnt to keep your eye on what is happening, ask questions, and if necessary  NAG !!!      xxxxxxx 

  • Love the word NAG!! . You put the finger on it there. Its unfortunatative that at times hospitals don't communitate well between each other. I have found this happening a lot when I feel I have to keep telling them everything when I have asked on serval appointments to share my notes because it can become very frustrating on top of the worry.

      GBear Xxxx 

    What is a Community Champion?    Womb cancer forum  

    Call the helpline for free on 08088080000, 8am to 8pm everyday.

    “let hope be your lighthouse beckoning you though stormy seas" - Jessica de la Davies

  • We always had a laugh with my husbands consultant. He was Italian and very good, but every time we saw him he couldn't be bothered to wade through my husband's file, which was about 3 inches thick!! He used to ask us to fill him in!!!!

    Likewise, I think my husband is the first laryngectomee (person with no larynx) the GP has ever met. He says he is learning with us!!!! But he always listens and gives us whatever we need.