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Oh joy,at my check up this morning (all good ) was told that they were changing to self referall if I was agreeable,or once a year if needed.I opted for self referall.I have a c.t scan on my pancreous as it has a lump which they say won't be connected to the womb cancer.At the moment it feels like the Final Destination film,it didn't get me the first time so it's having another try.Hope I am wrong.

  • OOH, I know exactly what you feel like!! During my scans for womb cancer they found out that my thyroid was growing down the back of my throat possibly squashing my windpipe!! I was completely oblivious to all this!! The gynae lot were quite insistent I saw about the thyroid, so as soon as I felt well enough I got referred and saw them. They weren't very worried, and he said they had seen a lot worse!! We've left it that I see them if I have problems swallowing or breathing!! I really felt as if I had had a MOT!!! Hope your problem is nothing serious, too.


  • Hi NannyAnny,I would have been elated today if I didn't have this other scan on the 10th.

    I can only  keep hoping it's not too serious.Fingers crossed.


  • Great about going to self referral, and fingers crossed for you for your scan on your pancreas.

  • Hi

    I don’t know the film you mention but I do know the terrifying feeling that every lump, blotch or blemish signals the return of the cancer. In the months after the end of my initial treatment, I persuaded myself that the blister between my toes was toe cancer before realising it was athletes foot. I felt such a twit. Then I was sure that the shoulder ache was secondary liver cancer until I remembered I’d had a cough and it was muscle strain. I guess it was really all to do with the trauma of the diagnosis and treatment I had been through. My body had let me down and I couldn’t trust it anymore. 

    So I reckon you’re completely normal to worry that this lump on your pancreas is sinister. I don’t think telling you not to worry is either helpful or useful but I do hope it helps to know that your reaction is normal. Try to trust your doctors when they say it won’t be connected to the womb cancer. Have they given you an indication of what it might be? Or whether you need further tests to investigate this lump? 

  • Hi Daloni,the scan on the 10th will be concentrating on my pancreas as she said the last scan wasn't clear enough.

    Could be a fatty lump,didn't believe that for a moment.If it's nothing they won't get back to me.

    If it turns out to be another cancer I will always wonder if the first D.V.T four years ago was a warning.Fingers crossed x

  • Hmmmm . I don’t think not getting back to you if it’s nothing is good enough. Do you? This is often the kind of thing a CNS can help with. You need an answer either way. 


  • Hi Daloni,your right of course,I would want answers either way.Will be chasing it up if more than a couple of weeks pass with no results.Thanks for you input.


  • Hi Stargazy,

    I agree with Daloni. You need to know one way or the other. When I had my thyroid investigation they had the scans from the gynae lot, and also put a camera up my nose and down the back to look. That's when the consultant said it wasn't bad enough to operate. (after I had worked myself up to two operations!!) I have the impression that once they get hold of you they check everything, which is good. Prevention is better than cure! They should tell you the results, though.XXX

  • Hi ,

    I totally agree with the others you need to know one way or the other. I can't believe they said that to you, I have had lots of different medical investigations since the cancer an you do so easily think its related then I remember I had a mild kidney failure at university and loads of water infections some I knew about others I didn't. It was obvious after a camera investigation I had at uni that showed scar tissue in my bladder that it could possible look suspect? But I was glad my kidney speacialist was proactive and double checked it after a false positive. Every time something shows up we can very easy think its either the cancer has returned or its nothing why I am bothering I shouldn't worry but its very important to get checked out I came to a conclusion better to feel silly then not bother and have it forever turning in our minds. Which is why I am really pleased that you have a good team looking after you and checking out your pancreas, I hope it is nothing at all to worry over but better to know. Good luck for the 10th.

  • Hi Stargazy, 

    JJust catching up with threads. I’m so sorry you have this new worry. I agree with Daloni, your CNS should chase up answers either way. Big hugs and here’s hoping the scans go well x

  • Thanks for your kind thoughts x

  • Hello stargazy

    Over twenty years ago I was having investigations for gall bladder and gallstones A CT scan revealed  a mass on my pancreas  The surgeon radiologist and  myself - the expert -all suspected pancreatic cancer I was also jaundiced at this stage

    Following surgery to remove my gall bladder and investigate the pancreas an abscess was found cased by a gall stone obstructing the pancreatic duct which was successfully drained

    My interventionist radiologist friend who incidentitally was assisting in my surgery told me that 75% of pancreatic masses are pseudocysts and are non malignant

    Please try not to worry 

    sending you love and kind thoughts



  • Hi Petronella,thats so good to hear.I am trying not to be pessimistic because till I read your post I thought the only outcome was cancer.So thankyou for sharing.

    On a little lighter note I was informed yesterday that  it wouldnt be worth removing my cataract as i had a Macular hole in the back of my eye.Not my best year so far.

    Thankyou again I really appreciate that you took the time to post your story.


  • Good news,after 5 long weeks waiting for result of pancreatic scan ,letter today is positive ,no abnormalities no further treatment needed.Onwards and upwards once again.

  • Brilliant! Now enjoy your day 


  • Thank you Daloni,hoping for a unevevenful few months ,and breathe.xxxx

  • Fabulous news Stargazy! I'm doing a little happy dance in celebration with you Dancer x

  • Thank you,won't lie it's been horrendous but we have all been there.Hoping for a break without waiting for a call or letter,so over watching for the postman.Happy Stress free summer