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Ongoing bowel changes 7 months post radiotherapy

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Hi Kaitlin.  My radiotherapy finished a year ago and my bowels are definitely worse than they were before.  I already had IBS and it is much worse now.  I don't leave the house often as I am agoraphobic, but when I do I have to take Immodium as I have little or no warning sometimes and it's my fear that an accident will happen when I am out!  I have a lot of bloating now and whereas before I usually went to the loo once a day I can now go 5 or 6 times and feel worse as the day goes on.  Then it can settle for a few days and then flares up again.  I can't find a connection between what I have eaten and it happening - but then I've not really found triggers for the IBS either, which I have had for 40 years.  Things weren't the same after the hysterectomy and I had problems all through radiotherapy starting from the 3rd day.  I am thinking now that I have bowel damage rather than side effects from the radiation.

Hugs, Lesley xx

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I didn’t have radiotherapy, but I think everything changes after the op!

it seems to be a main preoccupation for all of us! I don’t have magic answers but you’re certainly not alone!

Lots of love

Gusbun xxxxxxxxx