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The womb girls arts and crafts

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I love this. Can't believe I didn't tell you when I first saw it. I want to be sitting in that sunlight


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This is a little matinee I've just finished for a friend who is having a baby girl in June. It was very simple and quick to do x


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It’s beautiful, fairycake, and I love the colour 


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This looks really cute and a fabulous colour too. The detail is really good, i be honest I have never knitted much and I have totally forgotten how too as well but how long would a design like this take?. I bet your friend will be amazingly happy to receive this for their baby.

  GBear Xxxx 

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Oh that’s beautiful-and purple- the best colour! When I had half your

talent xx

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I love it Fairycake. Beautiful colour and the pretty scalloped edging. I bet you're thrilled with it. Xxx

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Wish  I mean