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A place for people affected by womb cancer (also known as uterus or endometrial cancer) to support one another, ask questions, and share their experiences.

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hi ladies 

Can I just say... I so am part of all your questions and worries ..I read and feel .. so much ..I don't add a much , mostly because as I've said before I'm one of those that continually have my head in the sand .. I can see how some of you lovely ladies would think im wrong,  I'm not coping but I am as much as I can ..ignorance to me really  is really bliss .. it's just how I get through ..

so having said that you can see why I never have much to say .. but as I said I do take note, I do care very much so .. just wanted you to know .. 

just a footnote ..I had most of the day out today .. silly shopping .. bought nothing that means anything but boy did I enjoy my afternoon .. AND .most importantly I wasn't tired , I didn't fall asleep when I got in .. I even watched catch up university challenge and even answered a few questions albeit on music ..but I got them right ..I so impressed myself ...lol .so all in all a very good day .. .. as I'm drinking my ovaltine I'm thinking of you wishing you a blessed and peaceful night .. especially our new ladies in waiting   ... Night girls ..


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Hi Lin47,

I don't think anyone can judge anyone everyone has their own unique way of coping and dealing with things. And you cope in your own way and if that is to have your head in the sand so what if it works for you . You always seem to come across as  a person who cares and sensitive . I glad you had a very good day  and answered some music question on university challenge , good show that always makes me feel good if I get a couple of questions right on that show too.  I  hope you have a good day love and hugs to you. xx

Elaine xx