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hormones after total hysterectomy and BSO

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 just wondering....no, agonising about, hormone replacement after my op for cancer.  I saw a registrar yesterday for my first follow up after surgery and when I told her I was having the most awful menopausal symptoms (I'm 58 and had been on hrt for five years as I suffered so badly)...she told me I can't have hrt  because I've had cancer..which I was expecting. but when I asked about progesterone she dismissed me saying I didn't have a uterus any more so didn't need it.  but a very short time searching the web suggests progesterone does much more than protect the uterus.  I'm feeling so awful five weeks post op and all my symptoms tally  with lack of progesterone.  has any one here been through this and found a good solution?
not sure who to turn to...in some ways I feel so lucky because my cancer was caught early and and I sometimes feel I shouldn't dare  moan because it was only 1a, and I'm so grateful not to have to have further treatment, but my depression and anxiety and hot flashes are awful, and I still have the fears about recurrence etc.  which feed the depression.   any help would be so appreciated. Thank you.Camille