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just wondering if GBear is ok ? I pop into this group now & again x 

  • Hi . Nice to see you pop in again. Yes 's still around but been a bit under the weather of late so's she's having a rest. I've tagged her in so she'll know you've been asking.

    How are you doing in yourself?

    Barb xx

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  • Sorry to hear  is not feeling too good hope she feels better soon. X

  • Thankyou I’m doing well thanks 

    I pop into this group every now again I’m sorry to hear she’s under the weather x 

    I hope she feels better soon x 

    best wishes 


  • Morning everyone sorry i am not around much at the moment sorry i have only just seen these and thank you for asking, its been to say it literally interesting or pure frustrating. I can’t remember if I told you all about i was having a biopsy on my head, for months dealing with a growing tumour that was giving lots of pressure pain, i couldn't concentrate and was getting so exhausted because i wasn't getting much sleep , well last week i had it removed and have stitches which get removed tomorrow, amazing what they can do nowadays. I had 2 lesions with a 3rd growing and they removed one completely and the others they took I believe if i heard right core biopsies from the others and took from underneath them too, they actually glued the other lesions to seal them, very strange feeling i had no pain with the procedure but just plan weird. I get the results in 3-4 weeks. I have literally been catching up on sleep as i keep nodding off, I would like to say the pain has gone but still niggling. But i like to believe its healing pain. All this on top of just finding out i have chronic kidney disease and some of my blood levels are wonky Doctors words lol. But having repeated test on the 10th of June to see if there is any improvement. It’s ironic with the kidney disease for years getting told i need to drink more even though i said its knocking me sick they have now said to drink only when i need too and to take regular sips rather then drink lots at once. Although my Gp didn't. find it fit to inform me of the chronic kidney disease I was rather taken aback when i saw the urologist who was telling me that if the preventive antibiotics stop helping and my function starts reducing i would need treatment via a catheter at first and then possible dialysis, i kinda thought that is drastic but also got told it could be many years before that would be needed but just advice ways to help. It’s still early stage so good. So urologist was surprised that i hadn't been told but it does explain many things over the years. So there is everything in an easier way of a nutshell i could give.

     Unfortunately my old ipad is not working properly so i needed to invest in a new one as I couldn’t access the community and other sites and apps, its just taking me longer then normal to set up as i just find it exhausting, i do see the notifications so i can kinda keep an eye on the site too. Good to hear your doing well  hope everything continues to be good for you. Sending gentle bear hugs to all Bear

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  • Good morning Gbear

    Bless you, so sorry that you are having a tough time of things at the moment. Sending you a big hug and hope that you start feeling better very soon.

    Robin x

  • Thanks GBear 

    I hope u start feeling better you’ve been through a lot xxxx Heart️ take care Heart

  • Good morning GBear. I’m sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time of it lately.  I think we all know it can be a struggle at times, but we keep going don’t we.

    It was nearly two years ago that you welcomed me to this forum with your kind words. I am doing OK I think. In fact next week I have my first face to face consultation since my treatment finished, I have just had telephone consults up till now. 

    I hope you start to feel better soon and strong enough to get back to your art work - there’s still plenty of masterpieces in there to get out yet! Take care and be kind to yourself, don’t overdo things. Im sending you a gentle bear hug back,

    Viv xxx