Mmm another bump in the journey

Hi All had my first 6 month face to face check yesterday and a other milestone met. Still NED 3 years after recurrance and that was a phew moment. What was different well the Doctor who I saw I saw 8 weeks after my Brachy treatment so it has been a time. Well went for the internal and to the point she said my lovely the top of your vagina has closed.  I knew there was some changes to my vagina at my last appointment but I didn't see this coming particularly being a devout user of the dilators. She sat my husband and me down and explained about an operation to Re open but she doesn't advocate for this.  I'm just taking it in done some retail therapy had my hair done and lashes on but I feel strange.  Positives next 6 month appointment by telephone then 1 annual at 5 years then discharged. About me.... I need to process this. Hugs to you all Dawn xxx

  • Hi Dawn. Great to hear from you again and for those unaware NED means No Evidence of Disease so get the fireworks going!

    After I was told of my metastases I couldn't face using a dilator, nor a vibrator and mentioned it to my CNS - mentally I just couldn't and to this day haven't - she basically said "Don't worry"  I suppose it's the very least of my problems so in the scheme of things not planning heavy sex sessions. What with hubby's hips and a dodgy time withing our 40 year marriage not really on the cards at the mo! (TMI but my Mum & Dad had an active sex life well into their 70'S - quite jealous!)

    Great to read about the retail therapy with hair and lashes so you go girl & enjoy life! 

    Big hugs, Barb xx

    PS My hair and eyebrows and lashes are growing back nicely. Look like Sonic the Hedgehog

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  • Hi MrsBJH Nice to hear from you and you sound in good spirits.  Me too jealous of your parents lol Joy well the dialator didn't work for me but thats not to say our other ladies will not benefit from using them.  Apparently it was because I'm a good healer that this happened according to my radio oncologist.  Been a little down but I keep thinking I'm further up the journey ladder. I was so sorry to read that you had recurred.  You always sound so positive you are inspirational.  Sonic the hedgehog sounds like a good look lol  I do still come on the site and I hope that I may catch up with some of us from 2018 class. Take care and thanks for taking time to respond to my post. Virtual hugs Dawn