19 weeks post hysterectomy, I had no discomfort in my stomach.

I am an idiot, I felt no discomfort, and I’m trying to build my stamina, so I decided to mow the lawn, we have a light weight hover mower. I did 3 sessions of ten minutes, using the mower for balance as I use a walker, but it was too much and I felt pain, 3 days later I’m still feeling it. I’m hoping I’ve done no permanent damage. How long does it take for you to get back to full strength after a hysterectomy?

  • Whereabouts is the pain Jenliveh? I’m 4 months post op and have done a little lifting but nothing sustained. 

  • It’s right across the 5 wounds on my stomach, I had robotic surgery.

  • I’m not familiar with where the wounds are located as mine was laparoscopic with only 3 incisions. It could just be that you’ve pulled a muscle, but, to be on the safe side I’d suggest giving your CNS a call and seeing what they say.

  • Thanks for the advice.

  • Hiya, it's hard to know what to do, when. I'm 11 months after surgery and brachtherapy - I had a vertical incision, so I have a long scar. I'm still miles away from my fitness before. People are saying to me that it will take up to 18 months post - treatment, and my thick, wobbly belly might be a lot of scar tissue now, so it might not ever go. I'm working with a cancer rehab specialist (physio / exercise), which is fantastic, and I'm definitely improving.  It does bring me up short, though, when I'm exhausted after a couple of minutes of jumping around, when I used to be really fit before. They are saying to get used to my new body. I'm thankful to be alive, but the after-effects of this are rubbish. I think you just have to build up slowly, and keep building up. There don't seem to be any quick fixes, or short cuts, just little and often, and replenishing - baby-steps style! I hope you are okay :-)

  • Hi Samanthi, thanks for replying,it sounds like you’ve had a tough time how have you been emotionally? I’m all over the place, I don’t know if it’s normal post op blues, the shock of cancer or being plunged into menopause. I hope you’re as lucky as I am and have good family and friends around you.I was never super fit, but I did a full time job and was on my feet all day, took care of the house and walked the dogs and would have a go at most things. Prior to the surgery I saw on the internet that some women go back to work after 3 weeks, some need 6 to 8 weeks and here I am nearly 20 weeks later and I’m still struggling, I had 4 weeks of radiotherapy and I realise that slows things down, but I’m frustrated and to be honest a bit embarrassed,I feel sometimes it looks like I’m milking the situation. I had robotic surgery so I’ve got 5 incisions across my stomach, they have healed, I know it’s what’s going on inside that is slowing me down. I’m my own worst critic, I’ve no patience, I want my life back. We just have to hang in there. It’s nice to share with people who understand.

  • Hi Jenjiveh,

    Oh my gosh, I am reading myself in you! I can relate totally to everything you are saying. I had my surgery on 30th June last year (which was nearly 11 months ago, unbelievalby!), and finished radiotherapy mid-September, and I just don't know whether I'm coming or doing. I don't know what's menopause, what's shock from having had cancer, worry about how my healing has been going, I get quite bad fatigue, if I try doing too much, and it's absolutely debilitating. I feel like I 'should' be much better than I actually am, but if I don't do much, I feel okay, so I think I should be doing more, but when I do it, I'm exhausted, can't think straight, get really bad fatigue or brain fog, so I try taking it easy, then feel like a fraud (!). I think people think I should be better than I actually am. I had my first walk-in oncology follow-up a couple of days ago, and the doctor was shocked that I hadn't seen my surgeon since the day after surgery, and bits of my body have stuck together that shouldn't have - so now I'm worrying about that.  I'm getting longer-term side effects from the radiotherapy, that the doctor says 'probably aren't from radiotherapy', even though I was warned I could get these side effects, so I feel a bit lost really. Physial relationships with my partner are just a memory now, and it's rubbish being straight into the menopause on top of everything else. I did have quite good friends before this, but because I used to be really healthy and fit, then got cancer, it frightened them all, and they were saying that if I could get this, what hope have they got, with less-healthy lifestyles? I've hardly seen any of them since, but a couple of people, who I hardly knew, have turned out to be fantastic friends. I think this turns your life on its head in more ways than one. Thinking of you, and wishing you well, please keep looking after yourself - is there a Maggie's charity near you? There is one near me, and it's fantastic. I'm sad to read what you are experiencing, but actually, it's such a relief that I'm not going crazy. I'm finding it so hard to get my life back to 'normal. It's not normal really, but I'm slowly trying to work out how to trust myself / my body again (which I can't really yet), and work out what on earth I want my life to look like, given that I am lucky enough to have made it this far.  I hope you have a lovely weekend, please keep being kind to yourself <3

  • Hi Samanthi, I read your post yesterday, but wanted time to digest all that you’d written. I too am sad that you are suffering so much, but agree that knowing someone else is in the same position and I’m not going nuts is a great comfort. I haven’t seen my surgeon since the day after surgery either and I didn’t realise that it was unusual. I’m going to my first post radiotherapy oncology appointment on Monday and I’m a bit anxious about that. I spoke to my gp on the phone on Thursday and asked about anxiety and depression, I asked about HRT, he suggested talking to the oncologist because it may be an issue due to the cancer, I’m learning every day! My sick note runs out this week and I was so worried he’d say I had to go back to work, but he said everyone heals differently and to listen to my body and signed me off for another 3 months. I miss work, but I know I haven’t got the stamina for it, also it’s not very professional to be in tears all day. I have also had acquaintances turn out to be great supports, life is strange. One of them who had breast cancer twenty years ago told me that good friends would cross the road to avoid having to talk to her, hopefully things have moved on from that. I’ve decided to be kinder to myself, not so self critical and take each day as it comes. Too much time to think is not good for me, so I’ve tried to get into a routine, I get up at a reasonable time because lying in bed overthinking sends me into a depression, I go out with the dogs and my sister, I make lunch, read a book or listen to a book if I’m tired, have naps as needed, I’ve made lots of cakes lately and FaceTime friends and family. I find I go to bed tired but can’t sleep that’s when my thoughts are negative, too much time to think, before the surgery I was a great sleeper. Again I don’t know if it’s stress or the menopause that’s disrupted my sleep pattern. I know what you mean about trusting your body, from day 3 of radiotherapy everything I ate went right through me, I was eating pasta, rice and bread and even with Loperamide I couldn’t control it. I’m slowly getting there but I’m scared of fruit and veg !! Sometimes I cry and sometimes I laugh at the whole situation, I can’t fault the support from the medical profession and I’m so glad that I’m still alive. I’m so grateful that you reached out to me, I feel like I have someone in my life who really understands. Have a good weekend and try to find joy where you can. X

  • Hi and  Just read your posts and I'm feeling quite emotional myself.

    Do you mind if I suggest you sign up to the Macmillan Telephone Buddies service and I've provided a link below. Have a look, it might be a good thing for you to look into.

    Talk with a Telephone Buddy - Macmillan Cancer Support

    In the meantime I'm glad you've found each other! I found so many of my oldest and dearest friends don't know how to cope with my having cancer.

    Big hugs, Barb xx

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