Fatigue post op

Hi Everyone,

it is 10 weeks tomorrow since I had LAVH BSO, I started back at work 2 weeks ago on a phased return. I will be doing 6 hours daily this coming week. I have been experiencing fatigue, I followed this up with the Macmillan nurse last week and she was very helpful. I have also advised my manager. It occurred to me that as well as cancer related fatigue some of the tiredness may be due to the removal of my ovaries. I am post menopausal so probably not too much activity from the ovaries. Has anyone else here experienced this?

I joined the Restore programme via this site, helpful in understanding what the fatigue is and how to manage it. Highlight of the week was a visit to see my osteopath, she did some work on the lymphatic system to help with the fatigue as well as helping an old knee injury which has flared up probably because I have been walking so much.

I was surprised how good to felt to talk with the Macmillan nurse I met in hospital. Good to be able to talk freely about how I feel and the impact it is having, had a bit of a laugh as well.

Best wishes to all,

HoneyTwo hearts

  • Hi Honey,

    I had the same operation as you I’ve been off work since January physically I improved by emotionally I struggled for a while !!!

    i went back to work last week on a phase return only working half days it’s good to hear your experience because I felt so fatigued!!!! Just like after my operation I was a bit worried about it but I thought it must be normal  

    I will have a look at the restore programme

    i also injured my leg with all the walking to keep my fitness up but it’s improving now !!

    I’m hoping this week will be better

    Best wishes 


  • Hello Honey,

    you know the post op fatigue lasts longer then we realise at times and i think sometimes we push ourselves too much too soon. It’s totally normal your feeling this level of fatigue i was really shocked actually by it all, i was 38 when i had my hysterectomy and was pretty fit beforehand but it wiped me out, I learnt from the others ladies to take each day as it comes and be kind to ourselves.

    I am really pleased to hear the Restore program is helpful to you and also your Macmillan nurse being very helpful to bounce ideas snd thoughts. It really does help hugely to have this relationship.  

      GBear Xxxx 

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  • Hi All,

    I went back to work 4 weeks ago, although due to COVID-19 I did a phased return from home, still working from home and up to usual working hours from last week. I am now taking a day of annual leave weekly and having a 3 day weekend.

    i am less fatigued and learning to pace myself, I probably would have been better taking a couple of weeks extra sick leave. Went back at 8 weeks post op. 

    I had a great assessment through Macmillan, I scored on the low side for fatigue but within the expected level for this time in my recovery which was most reassuring. I have started doing seated exercise once a week and did a really lovely free yoga class through Penny Brohn centre UK. 

    Getting back to work has not been without it challenges, I have been feeling displaced, slowly finding my feet. I hit a real low last Monday following a work meeting. I felt vulnerable and weepy. I rang the Macmillan helpline, it was good to chat and discovered that they have a team that can help with regard to employment issues should I need it. I spoke to a really good counselling service the following day that is provided by my employers and felt more grounded and my spirits lifted on Wednesday. 

    I was contacted last week by the hospital and have a face to face appointment booked with the gynae oncologist that performed the surgery in 3 weeks time.  It’s 12 weeks tomorrow since my operation, I am taking it a day at a time, putting one foot in front of the other.

    Best wishes to all.

    Honey Two hearts

  • It's surprising how much it takes out of you. I returned to work at 8 weeks only for my manager to send me back to my GP who told me off and signed me off for another 3 weeks - I hadn't bothered to get a fit note as I felt I was well enough particularly as the hospital told me I should be able to go back after 4 weeks. Lesson learned. In the end I went back after 12 weeks on reduced hours of 4 weeks half day and 2 weeks at 5 hours per day. The leap to full time was very tiring particularly as I had a one hour commute each way.  

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