Vin 3

Hi have just seen the gyne consultant as had VIN 3 confirmed a few weeks ago have three small area that I’m getting surgically removed in a few weeks time. Just wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect afterwards ie pain dos and don’t. How long before it’s heeled  

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    I can't help with your questions as I haven't had this treatment but I noticed that your post hadn't had any responses yet.

    While you're waiting for replies you could have a look through the previous posts to see if you can find the information you're looking for. You could also post your question in ask a nurse and one of the specialist nurses will respond within 2 working days.


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  • Hello Patricia,

    I'm so sorry that you need this surgery but hopefully it won't be as traumatic as you imagine. 

    I had surgery for cancer this summer. My vulva wasn't very painful afterwards and recovered surprisingly quickly. I didn't use soap, poured warm water over myself when using the toilet and dried myself with my hair dryer on cool. I also left my underwear off whenever possible. I haven't worn fitted trousers since my surgery and I wear gusset less tights to work.

    Hope all goes well with your surgery. All the best. 

  • Thanks you so much for your reply glad your better now too. The three lesions are right at the entry to my Vagina he Sw why I’m so nervous. I’m worried about sitting in a chair in the office at work was it uncomfortable? Should I expect to need to take a couple of days off work? Or should I be ok it’s a busy time of the year at work ? Thanks 

  • Mine was further away from my vagina and took about 6 weeks to heal but I was well enough to return to work part-time after 2 weeks.I was more comfortable after my surgery than before. I have also had 3 biopsies after which I returned to work straight away. So I think that it would depend on the extent of your surgery. I am sorry that I cannot be more helpful. I could suggest sitting on a ring but I would not be comfortable doing this in my office - think of the questions. I have been very vague about what I have had done.

    All the best. 

  • Hi, I hope the surgery went well. I just wanted to say that 2 years ago I was diagnosed with high grade VIN covering my entire vulval area at the age of 21 and I have been completely clear since having laser surgery with no problems whatsoever. I know how scary it is, it takes over your life. But you WILL heal and as crazy as it sounds you will forget you ever had it!! Please stay positive as I struggled but I know how amazing treatments are x

  • Hi 

    I got diagnosed with severe vin 3 covering most of my vulvar. 
    mine looks like a very bad skin rash and bumpy red and white. 
    May I ask where you had laser surgery? 
    In Newcastle upon Tyne they only do imiqumoid cream and surgical removal. 


  • Hi! 

    I had EXACTLY the same I got so upset every time I looked and mine was grade 3 too and covering the entire area. Please don’t worry - 2 years later I’m still clear! I got it done in Oxford but there are so many out there that can do laser surgery. I would 1000% recommend it before serious surgery as cured me first time round. Do you have any other questions? X

  • Also, I look completely normal down there now (maybe even better than before!) so it will get better and the rash and bumps completely go away so don't worry about that it isn't permanent x

  • That’s amazing! 
    U have made me feel so much better. Thank you for sharing! 
    Were u awake whilst they do the laser and if so do they numb it? And what’s the recovery like ? 
    I can Imagine it kills but will be so worth it! 
    xxxxxx eeiii fab 

  • You should be able to see on this account I did blog posts about the whole experience like before surgery and after! I wasn’t sleeping at night when I was diagnosed was convinced I was getting cancer honestly I know how dark and scary it can be and I was convinced the lasering wouldn’t work. No they put you to sleep and you wake up after in no pain at all because of the anesthetic! It does get painful when you go to the loo for about a week after and it doesn’t look good after I was most upset about how it looked. But a month later it was totally healed and I can’t even tell where they lasered now - no idea!  it was COMPLETELY fine and I’m being totally honest :)