13th operation for vin and ain 3

Thursday the 10th October - I woke up from what I am hoping is the last operation I will need to have. It’s been an agonising 11 years but hopefully I’m out the other side. I have a lot of healing to do before I can see properly. Just hope it doesn’t come back within the first two weeks like the last lot. I paid to have the hpv vaccine I’m 36 but figured it can’t help to try anything that may prevent the return. I will keep you updated on my progress. To anyone else suffering the same, good luck, stay positive and keep going xx

  • I will defo stay in touch ..thanks again for the message ..i love the game face bit ha ha ..we got this girl .i been to the docs about the post natal depression and i have a telephone conversation today at 3.30 so im hoping  I feel better soon..its mad i have the most perfect baby girl and yet I feel so lonely ...talking does help and ill be fine soon im sure...keep me posted on ya results as wont be long now ..u take care hun xxxxx

  • Did your doctor suggest the HPV vaccine?  I read that the MD Anderson in the US (I'm from Atlanta, GA) is doing a trial to see if giving the HPV vaccine has a positive effect on women who have had recurrent VIN/Vulva cancer?  I have never tested positive for HPV--although my doctor assures me I likely have it.  

  • Yeah the doctor suggested it to me but also told me that they were still doing research to confirm whether it makes a difference. I can only speak for myself but this is the only operation that I haven’t had more lesions reappear within two weeks. 

    my case is a bit rare as my immune system just won’t fight infections for some reason. since the last op I’ve not had an infection and the wound is healing nicely. It’s cost me £465 but it was money well spent in my eyes. 

  • Can you not get on the trial at all? Xx

  • I can get on the trial, but it has to be after I have the surgery to remove the lesion. I just got back from the Gyno-oncologist and made my appointment of the surgery. So, hopefully I can get in after that happens. 

  • Yes do it honestly I feel so much better after having it and even my wounds have healed a lot nicer. 

    I wish you all the luck in the world and let me know how you get on Grin xxx

  • Sorry I missed this message... I hope your telephone conversation went well and you are getting the support you need. 
    we could have all the people in the world around us and still feel lonely because your battle your fighting is exactly that, yours!! All you need to remember is how much you wanted that beautiful baby girl and once this fight is over, how much of a good life your going to give her. Please don’t beat yourself up take weak days on the chin and good days just run with them Grin 

    I got my results my vin3 lesions are gone and haven’t returned, wounds healing nicely so I’m happy about that. 
    The Ain3 they found another abnormality so just waiting to hear what that is. 

    I hope your well girl xx

  • Thanks chick...oh im so buzzing the vin hasnt returned that is awsone news...keeping everything crossed for the ain3.keep me posted on how u get on. ..the docs went really well and i will be getting counselling after the op to help the post natal depression...summit had to help..and u are so right ..i need to take each day as they come in future and not beat myself up if im having a cack day...ill keep fighting as i aint leaving my baby girl for a long time yet...sending lots of love xxxx

  • Aww thank you Pray I’m sure you will be just fine after your operation to. 
    There really is no point beating yourself up for something you can’t actually change, it just makes everything more of a struggle. Your little girl will be so proud of you in years to come when you tell her what you went through, what you survived and how much you love her! 

    I am rooting for you from the side lines girl and I’m always here if you need a chat xx

  • Hey hun how u doing...hows ya bits...are they healing well...oh ive had a nightmare..they cancelled my op for this Thursday as ive got a bad cough and they think its a chest infection so its postponed till 5th dec...ggrrr..im gutted as was all ready for it ...never mind..least ill know what it is before xmas ...keeping positive tho...did u get your results for the ain3 yet..hope u are well..xxxxKissing heart