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Suggestions for my surgery next week?

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 Hi. Am scheduled for a wide excision for 2 squamous cell carcinoma lesions next week. Am starting to freak out about the procedure and what post-op will be like. I'm planning on getting a sitz bath and donut to sit on... And have a zero gravity chair for resting...

But... Can any of you give me suggestions/inside scoop? I'd be very grateful for the help. 

Many thanks in advance. 


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Hi I'am fairly new to this site also but I have had a wide excision on June 10th and then I had surgery on July 29th for radical vulectomy because they did not get good enough borders on the first surgery I also had lymph nodes removed on both sides and I just had drains removed this week. I did not have a lot of pain from either surgeries I did stay overnight for my first surgery and a week for my second surgery. I would suggest keeping it clean is very important I was given a squeeze bottle to use after each time I used the bathroom. I hope you will have help at home also. I made sure I ate more protein to help with healing and don't over do to quickly as you don't want to pull a stitch as it will take longer to heal. I just sat on soft pillows and reclined back to take some pressure off the area and I used chucks for any discharge or blood because I did not wear underwear. 

Wishing you the best