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Question about anal examination during vin 3 surgery

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hi all I’m going in for surgery in 2 weeks time for extensive vin 3 and wanted to ask do any of you know if the surgeon checks around the anus while under anaesthetic? I ask because for the last couple of years I’ve had 3 large lumps near my anus, I always assumed these were piles but no matter what cream i use they never shrink or go away, I also have a skin tag, I don’t know if I should go to my gp or do I wait until I’ve had surgery? I do get some bleeding from the back passage and also a lot of mucus(but I have ibs so assumed it was because of that!). I have my pre op next week so should i mention it then? Thanks xx

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I would mention it then plus when you go for the surgery mention it again plus just before going under never hurts to make sure they know 

Best Wishes for the surgery