Vulva cancer

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Hi everyone.

I’m really sorry if I am posting this on the wrong forum.

I am freaking out a bit.

A bit if history, in 2013 I was diagnosed with 1B1 cervical cancer which was treated with surgery. In 2015 required further treatment however since then everything seems to be okay and I was put on annual checks.

First annual check completed this month and mentioned that I had found a lump on my vulva which I was given antibiotics to deal with it by my doctor. This didn’t work. Anyhow mentioned to my consultant and he said it’s VIN. wants to see me in October to possibly do a biopsy and back to three monthly checks which is great I am being monitored however all weekend I have felt swollen and really itchy down there and it’s really scaring me. 

Any advise would be gratefully received.


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Hi k3lly don’t know if il be much help but last week i was diagnosed with VIN 3, currently waiting to have an operation to take it all away, mine is spread over a large area so the operation will be extensive (really scared about what I’m going to wake up to because the consultant hasn’t explained anything apart from it being vin 3, it’s extensive and they want clear margins) I’m also having more biopsies while asleep as I now have white patches around my clitoris and quite a large lump in my vaginal canal. My vin is raised white and black patches, it’s quite rough feeling. I’m not sure if yours could be vin or not but October is to long a time to wait for a biopsy, i would ask for it to be done asap especially with the other symptoms you are having! Mine sometimes itches but it’s not unbearable and I also feel bruised and swollen down there to, have you noticed any skin discolouration? If your in the uk I would suggest going to your gp and ask to be referred under the 2 week pathway x

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Hello Jody83. 

Thank you for replying to me. I really appreciate it. 

Im so sorry to hear everything you are going through. I hope that your operation goes well  and they get clear margins. I hope they will give you more detail soon. The unknown is awful x

On my annual check my consultant said he believes it’s early vin and wanted to see if it goes away on its own. Hence October check but this week an area has come up with cream coloured patches and is swollen and incredibly itchy. Managed to get a nurses appointment but not until Monday. Annoyingly I think I may be on my period. Hopefully they will still be able to see me. 

Thank you again for replying to me. I really appreciate it. X