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Vulva cancer

Affected by VIN (a pre-cancerous condition) or vulva cancer? Join this group to share experiences and ask questions to people who understand what you're going through.


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Hi everyone.  Can anyone tell me about their experience with VIN 2.  I had partial vulvectomy 3 years ago for VIN 3.  Recent biopsy showed VIN 2.  My biopsy was 3 months ago and only having a follow up with my gynecologist at colposcopy this coming week.  Only know about the VIN 2 because my GP was relentless in tracking down my gynae who did not contact me directly about it.  I feel that he is treating it as a non urgent matter and while that is good in some regard I am concerned that he may be a little too relaxed about it.  Should VIN 2 be removed surgically?  Has anyone with VIN 2 had it removed or is it just monitored?  Having had VIN 3 I feel that removing it would be a better option given it could turn to VIN 3 again.  

Any feedback would be great,  thank you, Anne 

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Anne, I'm sorry you are feeling like your doctor is possibly being a little too relaxed; I wouldn't like that feeling either especially since you've had VIN 3 and surgery prior. So many doctors treat VIN stages differently so take any comments with a grain of salt and you make your decision based on what your doctors say and what you feel comfortable with.

My gyne onc surgeon treats my VIN 2 with surgery. I've tried Aldara before for VIN 1 (no success though) but I've read on here many women have done Aldara for VIN 1 &2 and had great success.

Please keep us posted as to what you find out this week. Take care of yourself.

Lisa from USA Michigan

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Hi Lisa thanks for commenting.  I am just concerned because it’s 14 weeks since biopsies and only seeing him tomorrow.  There is an open sore down there which I  believe is where the VIN 2 is.  I won’t be happy leaving it there.  As much as I don’t want surgery I’d rather have it removed.  It would be a small area with margins.  He may very well say he wants to remove it.  He’s just never delayed so much on anything like this before.  I will be adamant that I would rather have it cut out.  I’ve had vin 3 and ain 3 so it’s probably heading that way so why wait.  I don’t want it to get to VIN 3 again.  Thanks for your kind words.  Hope you’re doing well.  I’m in Ireland I’ll keep you posted .

anne. Xxx