Difference between LS and VIN


Im new to this forum and wonder if any one can describe what VIN lols like as opposed to Lichen Sclerosus. I was diagnosed with LS eighteen months ago but probably had it for a while before that. I’m using the clobetesol cream but I’m still getting flare ups.  Over the last few days I have noticed the glans of my clitoris has red pigmentation ( bruising? Bleeding?) and the areas of white skin are spreading.  I feel the LS is progressing but what are the warning signs for VIN that I need to look out for? Any help greatly appreciated. 


  • Hi mateface67...... what is VIN never heard of it until my GP gave me an Internal and was referred to gynaecologist, who in turn took biopsies, which resulted in having a Argon cauterisation of the vulva area, my advice get referred to a gynae, and the sooner the better. Don't delay this cos I think the longer its left the harder it is to deal with. Good luck.

  • Welcome to our rollercoaster ride! So sorry you have to join us here but you will find the ladies on this site are absolutely amazing and so full of knowledge, compassion and help. My first thoughts when I read your post is sometimes we don't know the difference ourselves what the difference looks like if they are lesions, white patches or fissures; it takes your gyne or gyne oncologist to do a colposcopy or biopsies if they are unsure.

    Remember your clobetesol is a steroid and will thin your skin making it tear easily causing cuts, fissures and bleeding depending on where you are applying it. When in doubt, get it checked out. 


  • Thanks for replying. Got an appointment for early July to see a dermatologist who specialises in vulval disease.  

  • Thanks for replying. Got an appointment for early July to see a dermatologist who specialises in vulval disease.  

  • i was gonna ask the same question i hav ls and it is the bain of my life my gp just gives me cream for it the itch is intense it cracks and bleeds but on my own examination all my labia have gone the vaginaitself is very small and i think the clit is starting to get buried too has this happened to anyone else im so scared its cancer im due to go to gp on the  29 th november to get results of blood tests and stool sample becaus there was blood in the stools and getting a bowel exam off the gp i am beside my self with worry  ty for reading xx