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Pain Management Following Vulvectomy

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Hello!   I am new to all of this and so happy I found this group. I am in the United States and scheduled for a partial vulvectomy due to VIN3 in 4 days.  I am having a difficult time getting a clear answer from my oncology surgeon as to what, if any, pain medicine I will be sent home on.  My surgery is outpatient and I am 2 hours away from my surgeon.  I'm beginning to feel very nervous about having uncontrolled pain after surgery.  I'm normally very calm and tolerate pain very well with no medicatiion, but there is something so personal and scary about this surgery, I am starting to feel panicky.

I know every patient and every surgeon is different, but I would like to ask what to expect pain-wise postoperatively and what meds did you use effectively for pain?   Thank you so much for reading and replying!

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HappyCate, I'm sorry you have to have surgery soon and dealing with VIN3. Unfortunately I've had a lot of experience in this area. I am from the states too and you know how the feds have put a halt to prescription pain meds; so they probably won't prescribe much. I usually came home with a pain med for the first 5 days or so; then I alternated tylenol and motrin in between and kept up on them diligently to try to stay ahead of the pain. Before you leave the hospital make sure they give you dose of meds orally or optimally IV and remind them you have a two hour ride. (I understand that because my drive is 8 hours from MI to MN) You will want to bring a blow up pillow or a pillow to sit on for the ride home. 

I have a list of helpful tips for after surgery if you'd like me to share those with you? It's something that is asked all the time and I used to retype it all out and finally I just saved it to my computer.

It is normal for the surgeons to not be able to give you exact details to what they will be doing because they may not know until they get in to do the surgery. Sometimes they start with a colposcopy while you are under and look for skin color changes. They may take some tissue and even request a fast pathology to see if they need to get wider margins...then pathology continues with their full testing and it may take 3-14 days for results.

I am sure more women will comment on here as well but please feel free to ask any and all questions.


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