Newly diagnosed.... scare and confused

Hello, thank you for allowing me to join.  Have never used or joined a form so all new for me... apologies  if I get things wrong!

have just been diagnosed with vaginal  cancer.. squamous cell carcinoma after biopsy’s and lots of CT scans and MRI scans... am seeing the oncologist on Tuesday but have had phone calls from hospital re urgent scans, was given diagnosis over the phone (at my request as I asked) but am very worried and anxious. Apparently a scan has shown a legion on my liver.... has the cancer spread? Don’t know what to expect and am very scared I am 53. Thank you for reading this x

  • Hi and welcome! I too am 53 and very recently diagnosed. It seems very overwhelming at first but take each day as it comes and don’t try to do too much. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. What treatment have they recommended? I’m due to have a radiotherapy CT scan on the 10th and from there chemoradiotherapy to follow. I would start by making a list of questions and then either telephone your oncology nurse or oncologist’s secretary and ask your questions. If you have an appointment soon, then ask your questions then. My team are extremely helpful and take the time to answer all my questions and believe me there are many. Take care xxx

  • Hi I was diagnosed with VC ended July 2020 I had chemoradiotherapy and brachytherapy, I was given the news that there was no active cancer in March 2021, I still suffer side effects and pain in my hip, it was thought that it was spreading to my pelvis but I believe it’s not active. It’s taken 6 months and a lot of painkillers hopefully the positive status will continue. Look after yourselves x