CUP - likely pancreaticobillary

Hello everyone,

I am a 55 year old woman who like yourselves have been diagnosed with CUP in April 2019.  I started on Folfirinox in May 2019 and will be on my 18th cycle tomorrow.

I was diagnosed with metastatic adenocarcinoma  unknown primary – liver, pleural, and lymph node metastases. After many tests my primary cancer is most likely pancreaticobillary,like CUP is rare.

After 6 cycles I had good results in that stable disease in liver and lymph nodes, but had increasing avidity of the T4 bone metastasis, which had  most likely pushed through from the pleural (lining of the lung). This was treated with radiotherapy during chemo last summer. It was tough having radiotherapy 4 days after chemo, but I got through it with friends and family behind me.

 After 12 cycles of chemo my results paid off as I had  highly favourable response of the T3 lesion  due to the radiotherapy and good partial metabolic response of the other sites of disease. Three out of the 6 tumours (which are the largest) I have in my lymph nodes had decreased by 50%.

I will be having a PET/CT scan and MRI in the next couple of weeks as I finish round 6 of the 18 tomorrow and will then more than likely will have another 6. Hopefully, my results will still be favourable

I take each day as it comes as I did not choose cancer, cancer chose me.