Reaching out to new to the group

Hi everyone, I just thought I’d say hi to those who have joined unknown primary cancer (CUP) in the last month and see if there’s anything I can offer to help with online community wise. 

I joined the online community back in 2015 after my diagnosis, I wasn’t sure wether to post in new to the community, or just go for the groups I thought best fitted my scenario, so I looked through the groups button for cancer types and cancer experience, wrote a bit in my profile, and for months just read posts until someone posted something I felt I had to reply to. It wasn’t an unanswered post but one that I couldn’t read and pass by without acknowledging how difficult it must have been for them to post as that was how I was feeling, and many other supporting posts before mine. After that I found my voice to get support and ask for experience of others, and to feel not quite so alone in my cancer experience, and to I hope help others wanting the same.

Today I just wanted to say hi to the few people who have joined this group in this last month and Reach out to see if I can be of any help.

, when I’ve clicked on your user name to see your profile and latest activity I could see you have squamous cell carcinoma involving a lymph node in your neck. I was thinking the Head and Neck cancer group might be a good place to find others with similar experience and thought I’d give you a link to find it, I do hope you don’t mind and feel free to ignore the suggestion, or just have a browse.

, I’m making an assumption from the user name that one of you is a carer and might benefit from the carers only group or friends and family as well as any post you might want to make here. (I’ve put the link in below) I hope things are going ok for you both.

, I’m assuming some time has past since your first investigations and I hope things are going well for you, I’m not sure if you are still CUP or wether you now have a different diagnosis or have had even happier news or not ! But it’s great to hear how people are getting on.

FormerMember, I read your new to the site post you have such a lot going on, your biopsy results can’t be far off now so I hope your coping ok. I get a bit twitchy around results time so I know to plan some things in to keep me busy, and who not to see as I want a distraction not to talk about things sometimes. So with that in mind I hope I haven’t ruined any zen time for you. 

My primary was never found but my biopsies have always confirmed the type as melanoma, so I have experience of the wondering phase, and of my treatments which I’m still going through, and how sometimes it just helps to express stuff, and others to just read and gather some info. I just pop in here from time to time to see if there is any personal experience of mine that could help or my knowledge of where things are on the site if people haven’t had the time to browse the groups, ask an expert and the info and support sections, oh and the new “Your personal guide” where you can answer a few questions and Macmillan suggest what info you might help you.

Best wishes and hope you didn’t mind my post.