Skin and nail care during chemotherapy

Any tips or product recommendations????

  • Hello MayD

    I found my nails actually grew very quickly while i was on FEC. I cut them every other week! Now I'm on T docetaxel, they have become very brittle, with ridges, discolouration and what are called splinter heamorages . I have just filed them yesterday into a rounded shape so just waiting to see what happens next!

    Try putting the same question on the other breast cancer site. 

    Take care Alison x


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  • I am using Vaseline cream for stronger nails and hands.It.contains creatine which is good.for nails.Its a pink botle.Its helping me.


  • Hi

    I am using Polybalm . Have to buy it from their website . Costs £39.50 for 2 tubes - one for hands and one for feet so not cheap. I have just finished 12 xPac and 3xHerceptin and Perjeta and had 1xEC . Used Polybalm from almost the start ( had to wait for it to arrive) as per website and still using same tubes and no problems at all with nails. Been out in the sunshine lots and no nail issues. Working for me so I’m happy.

    All the best 

  • Hi

    I had EC & T chemo and my nails started ridging as soon as I had T (despite painting them previously).

    Last chemo was 2nd June and my nails are literally lifting one by one on my fingers - the new nail is there but that is ridgy and it looks like I have bitten all my nails.  The worst part is doing simple things like button, necklaces and shoelaces as I am used to having reasonable length nails. 

    My toes are going the same way.

    I have invested in some Jennifer Young Defiant Beauty products for hands and nails - not sure if they are helping but they can't make them any worse.

    Very envious of all those FB posts of people having lovely painted nails now the nail bars have reopened!