Choices: Mastectomy or lumpectomy?

Hello everyone,

I have my MRI scan on the 6th August to determine my surgery. I have my 7th T chemo in a week with a chat with my doctor/oncologist this Friday.

My gut feeling is to have the mastectomy. I know they are going to remove all the lymph nodes. My tumour was 6cm and it doesn't feel any smaller!! Grrrr. It probably is! My gut feeling also is not to have reconstruction.

Interested to know how others experiences went. Thank you.

Alison xx

  • Hello Alison 

    I asked for breast reduction and was lucky they did both so I lost a decent chunk of both breasts. Had all lymph nodes removed as well which was surprisingly ok. See what they say after your MRI. I'm sure it will have shrank a great deal

    Julie x

  • Hi Alison

    I had 6 chemos and thankfully the 3cm tumour and lympy node lump disappeared so on the 13th July I had a lumpectomy and full lymph node removal at the recommendation of my consultant - my follow up appointment to get the results of what they removed is on the 29th July and I am hopeful all was positive and no further surgery is required.

    Because the tumour/lump had gone, he was confident the lumpectomy would be fine but to be honest I had geared myself up for a mastectomy and if he had advised that was what was needed, I would have of course had that instead.

    I guess what I am saying is trust your consultant and have what they recommend - good luck.

    I am now post surgery, the breast is healing well but having full lymph node removal has added issues so am persevering with the exercises, massage and hopeful that some of the numbness, pain etc. in my arm will subside at some point.

    I also came out with a drain which I have to admit I could not quite get my head around how that would work but was very fortunate I only had it for 2 days and it wasn't that bad.

    All the best

    Louise xx

  • Hello Louise,

    You have just answered my question from the other thread. My tumour was 6cm and at least one node. I can still feel the tumour, about the same size, although my oncologist says that could be scar tissue from the chemo. The MRI on the 6th will tell all.

    Thank you, Alison x

    Floss b