Hi, om having a lumpectomy, then chemotherapy then radiotherapy... has anyone else had it this way? xx

  • Hi Mimi

    It's not just you, when all this is going on it's all i think about from the minute i wake up.  

    Sending hugs



  • This is our life at moment, to be fair ladies, we are so strong! This is the battle of our life and it is not an easy one.

    The mind and the body are bruised but every morning we wake up and fight.

    My positive thoughts are with all! 


  • Hello Mimi121,

    I have had counselling all the way through my treatment. Initially, once a cycle - every three weeks, but now have it once a week. Just helps to talk it all through with someone not involve with my journey. 

    Take care x

    Floss b
  • Hiya,

    I know I’m better today, seem to be over the “hump” after reading script fans news I feel I should count my blessings,

    anyway my radiotherapy appointment has come through for tomorrow so fingers crossed it’ll be f8nished in 2 weeks.

    stay safe stay strong.


  • Hi everyone, hope you’re doing well. Apologies for not keeping up to date on the forum, the updates to this website seem to make logging in quite a task. Only just managed to get in since last time!

    Alison – so glad to hear I’m not the only one when it comes to shielding. I’m glad you have a garden to walk around in, I live in a block of flats so I don’t use the garden, at least not until treatment is over. I have had a few visitors, they sit in the garden while I talk to them from my 1st floor window. Very Romeo and Juliet Slight smile

    Mimi121 – I’m sorry to hear you were having a rubbish time. I think you may have just finished radio if all went to plan? How are you feeling? I would thoroughly recommend talking to someone about what you went through. I know for myself, when I went through chemo before 13 years ago the hardest part for me was when the treatment was over, I should’ve talked to someone either during or after it had all ended and I didn’t. I was in university at that point and thankfully my tutor noticed how much my personality had changed, he booked me in with a therapist which lasted about 6hrs. I felt a weight had lifted off my shoulders. I see my city’s Maggie’s centre may have possibly reopened, do you have one near you? They are really great for ongoing support.

    Maria – you will get no judgement from me, only support. We all have to do what we feel is best for ourselves. I think you will be on your camping trip right now, I hope you’re having a great time.

    I have my last chemo session tomorrow, I am cautiously excited and also filled with the usual dread right before a session. I have my radio scan on Monday which lands bang on the day I feel my absolute worst post chemo. How rude. As much as I want to postpone it to a day when I feel better I also don’t want to prolong this nonsense.

    If all goes to plan I should be starting radio on 14th Sept, 5 days of that followed by 5 days of boosters.

    In other news, because I was diagnosed with tnbc quite young (34yrs old), I had to take a genetics test to see if it was a mutation of BRCA1 or BRCA2 that had caused it. I just got the results back and I am so pleased to say that they couldn’t find any mutation to speak of for the ones I tested against. I know that doesn’t bring me out of the woods but any good news during this bummer of a time shall be celebrated with fanfare!

    Much love team!

    Jem x

  • Hello everyone,

    Sorry still don't know how to post without doing a reply!!!

    I have had a good read and am right behind you all. These journeys are all so personal and no judgement should be made only encouragement. So where ever you are on your journey go for it and do what's right for you!!

    I had my last T  - Docetaxel, last Wednesday 80% dose. So courtesy of the steroids I look like a moon faced beef tomato!!! Taste is going and the bowels are needing assistance!! My surname is Bowell so that's appropriate! :-D And my nose is blocking up so that will be nose bleeds again, although my dr says I'm blowing too hard! But chemo is now done! Like some of you it was done before surgery and that is up next followed by radiotherapy on the chest wall in November.

    Still shielding like most of you, but I did venture to the post box at the end of the road the other evening!! Scurried across the road when I saw someone come round the corner!! Eek!

    Still doing counseling, although I've gone back to once every three weeks. It has helped immensely. The Maggie's Centre has been great at ringing me - do give them a call Mimi121.

    The pebbles and boulders have been there and I'm sure there will be some blips to come - pity parties are ok to get it all out! A good cry works wonders. I'm a Weeble - remember them? Weebles wobble but they never stay down! And that's us! So keep going, be a Weeble and bob back up!

    Love to you all xxx

    Floss b
  • Hi All

    Well it's the last day of my camping trip tomorrow and it's been great, we go home Saturday. I ditched the wig although my hair is millimetres long. It took some doing when i first went out but i have got used to it.

    I feel as if i have got some closure and can move on hoping for the best which is all we can do and trying to minimise my stress, i mean once you've been through this, twice in my case, most things don't seem that important. Obviously i am also going to try and enjoy life as much as possible. We did lots of walking on the holiday and also lot's of eating.

    Best regards to you all



  • Hi guys. Well that’s the last of my sessions over and boy did it not want to let me go without a fight! As I mentioned I had my radio scan the Monday after chemo, I ended up passing out in the hospital and had to stay in overnight. Thankfully it wasn’t anything serious, I just hadn’t drank or eaten enough over the weekend. It’s so hard to gather the energy to do both straight after chemo, especially as I live on my own, no one around to prepare food for me! I had my last injection yesterday so now I’m just looking forward to getting on with radio starting 14th Sept.

    Floss b, yay to finishing chemo! I hope your surgery goes well and you heal up well from it. Well done on making it to the postbox too! I’ve been having to go to the GP once a month during chemo for an injection of Zoladex, to help protect my fertility, and I have to walk in such a zig zag around people because they don’t keep their distance. It’s terrifying! I know what you mean about the moon face, it’s insane. Like you my taste buds are shot, I can’t wait for them to come back. My neighbours got me some chocolates to celebrate finishing chemo and I can’t taste them at all. Now they sit there taunting me.

    Maria, that’s great to hear you had a lovely time camping and you’ve found some closure. You’re an absolute star my love.

    I’m sure I’ve said it before but this forum has really helped me feel positive and raring to go. Thank you to you all for sharing how you are doing and feeling during this time. You have all my love x

  • Hello,

    JemMo, another mile stone! I learnt the hard way too about not drinking and eating. It really lowers the blood pressure and boink! You're down! Or you gently buckle at the knees and sink lady like to the floor to be swept up by the gorgeous dr...... Or not!! Wink So now I stand at the sink and down a glass of water in one go so I don't taste it!! Wishing you all the best for the next step. Mine is surgery on 11th September. A mastectomy and lymph nodes removal as a day case sounds frightening but I guess they know what they are doing!!

    Maria, take care and stay strong. Glad your camping trip refreshed you and your family.


    Floss b