Questions for the oncologist

I am meeting my oncologist for the first time tomorrow. I have been told I will have FEC and Docetaxel for six sessions three weeks apart followed by 4 weeks daily radiotherapy which is evidently standard for TNBC.

I have had a 13mm tumour removed, all clear margins and lymph nodes. I have some questions including:

Why not Carboplatin chemo?

Am I suitable for any current or impending research projects (cant find any?)

Am I suitable for Bisphosphonates for bone preotection?

Are there any questions that you wish you had asked your oncologist?

Any ideas that a newbie like me might miss?

Any assistance would be really helpful   Thanks in advance PAngel

  • It’s a very good read, I keep going back to it x


  • Hi upholstered 

    Can I ask you what taking doxorubicin was like for you? I start it next Wednesday.

    Good luck to you with your journey 

    Lots of love 

    Alison xxx 

  • Hi Alison,

    Sorry to hear you are having to have further treatment.   I send you an email hug and wish you all the best for Wednesday.  

    I had Doxorubicin in 1995 and it was not given in IV form but with a syringe.   I had fewer side effects from it than the chemo I having at the moment.  It did slow me down a bit I remember within the first few days of each treatment.  As it is red it will discolour your urine too but as with most chemo you know you must drink loads of water.

    I think the rule applies to all treatment:  rest and listen to what your body tells you to do.  Keep your minds eye focussed on becoming really healthy.

    Wishing you love and good luck


    Brca1 mutation

    ** If you opt fro prophylactic Oopherectomy make sure you get an oncology gyneacological surgeon.  Nhs gave me an obstetrician even though I am high risk and she did not realise I had a tumour.
  • Hi hope you don't mind but what clinic did you use and how is the preventative treatment going?

  • Hi xanadu72. What clinic did you use as I would like to consider a private consult if my onco can't prescribe biophosphates. Can anyone else recommend I am in London kent

  • The LOC, 95 Harley Street

    Dr Alison Jones

  • hi 

    I've not started reading this book yet but I've downloaded it....i thought it might make me emotional .???

  • PA, just read your post & you write what I feel exactly. My outlook is a carbon copy but you put it into words perfectly. Thank you. I’m stage 1 nodes neg and halfway through 12 cycles of chemo. Turning up every week and going forward; because there is only one direction. Hugs

    Emer C
  • Very helpful, although my journey is different. xx

    Floss b
    • Hi Optician! It seems a long time ago that I posted my thoughts on TNBC. I am a couple of weeks away from my three year milestone and I have my last Zameta infusion soon. I’m glad my post was relevant to your situation and I wish you all the best for your treatment and recovery. I have two new grandsons and have lost my parents in that time so a lot of change. The only lasting effect of chemo was with my stomach and I am permanently on Omaprezole. The other lasting effect is mental health which to my surprise has improved. I no longer worry myself sick about what may happen in five years time and live quite happily with short term goals. If I can offer one word of advice it would be to use the services of the post treatment counselling service even if you feel you don’t need it. The period after treatment is not what you expect and you will need some type of support from experts in breast cancer counselling. I found it extremely helpful and I still use the techniques she taught me from time to time.