Surgery results not what I expected- worried!

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Hi everyone

I was diagnosed in February with TNBC was told that the tumour was 1.6cm and no obvious lymph node involvement. I had my surgery and sentinel node biopsy (1 node removed). I had my appt today and was told that my tumour was 2.5cm and there was cancer present in my sentinel node. Im now worried that it is more lymph nodes or it has spread! Is anyone in/ has been in a similar staging/ situation? I don’t know what to think now because I will never know how many other lymph nodes it is in and it could be spreading.Oncology appt in 2 weeks. 

Angie x 

  • Sorry to hear that . Did they indicate they would want to take out more nodes later? Chemo is a mop up exercise so please try not to worry about it spreading. If they are worried about your remaining lymph nodes they will have a plan. 

  • No they didn’t. I asked them to go back in but they wanted me to crack on with treatment and it should go. But there is no way they can check because it will not show the cells on a scan. If they took out 2, I may have had peace of mind that it hasn’t spread far.. or not who knows. Thanks I will discuss at my oncology appt on 9th May. 

  • Hi Angie,

    I had a similarish situation where 2/3 lymph sentinel nodes came back as cancerous in the beginning, which was a shock as I really wasn't expecting it. I had 5 months of chemo, then they booked me in for another op to get more nodes taken out to be certain that they were clear, then I started radiotherapy. I think they took 3 more out and thankfully they all came back clear. Even if technically they should have always been clear, I'll never know for sure and it was reassuring to have it confirmed on paper. 

    Like Coddfish says, your team will have a plan for you. Get all your questions written down for your appointment next week and hopefully you'll feel better after that and once your treatment starts.

    Best of luck

  • Hi Rose

    Thanks for sharing your experience you put my mind at ease. I hope they do the same with me you just want to know it’s all gone. I will Have all my questions ready for Monday. 

    Thanks again and wishing you the best! 

  • One thing I have found  is that each department is specialised and they don’t cross into each other’s territory. The surgery team will talk about what was found but aren’t the experts in the other treatments. The oncologist specialises in chemo and won’t address radiotherapy. Etc etc. I found it frustrating at first but it’s a case of recognising a specialist is a specialist. 

  • Yes that is true best to think in that way and makes sense that they can’t comment on other areas.