MRI before surgery..... Think it was positive news.

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My wife finished chemo a few weeks ago. See had an MRI last week prior to the surgery which should happen next week. The MRI showed that the chemo had worked really well and there was just a very slight mark in area where tumour was. You can no longer really feel the lump.

I know MRI's cant tell you the full picture, and that only results from surgery will confirm status etc. I am obviously still hoping that the cancer has been killed by chemo alone. I am right in thinking that just cos the MRI showed a slight mark in tumour area doesn't mean that there is or isn't any active cancer cells left does it? Obviously hoping for the best for my wife. 

If there was still some small residual cancer found after surgery, but clear margins and clear nodes, there is still alot of hope to survive this isn't there? I have done my best to avoid Google etc cos I know it would scare me and not knowing what is truth or not. 

My wife was diagnosed with 22mm tumour, grade 2 tnbc. No evidence of nodes. Completed EC + Paclitaxiel. Awaiting surgery and rads. 

  • Hi Jam79

     Sorry to hear that your wife is going through Breast Cancer.

    I had some cancer left in my one of the nodes my surgeon took so I had a CT and a Bone Scan to make sure the cancer hadn’t spread, which it hadn’t so there is hope of survival from TNBC.

    I was diagnosed with TNBC last year and after having chemo, surgery and rads I’m now in remission.

    Wishing you and your wife the best of luck with the rest of her treatment.

    Best wishes


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