LID - Day one...

Just thought i'd say hello. Well today is my first day without my T3 tablets and the first being on Low Iodine Diet.  Me being me I've decided to reduce iodine as much as possible, so away goes dairy, soy, and fish...  Been going a bit mad today checking packets for salt content to make sure it's either trace amounts or sodium rather than sea salt, if it doesn't specify the type of salt i'm tending to avoid - am i going too far?

My reasoning is that if I have to feel rubbish for the next 2 weeks and restrict my diet then I may as well make it as effective as possible?

Not felt many bad effects today, although not sure what I was expecting on day one to be fair.

Thankfully the one thing I was missing, Milk, has now been replaced by Oaty which appears to be an oat milk drink which has sodium instead of sea salt like the rice milks i found.  I am happier now that I have something to splash in my tea and to go with my granola.  I'm loving some sainsbury's rice cakes that only have trace salt, so i can kinda feel like i'm able to have a sandwich using 2 pieces with some meat (am i sad or what?). 

I dunno, what things have others enjoyed on the LID?  Should i be avoiding packaged/processed meats in favour of fresh meats from the deli counter at the supermarket?

Baked beans was another one - reduced salt? ok to eat or one to avoid?

I'll post some more to keep you up to date on how its going over the next couple of weeks ;)


  • Hello - I don't think you are going too far at all - there is no such thing as too far so long as you don't faint from hunger ;-)

    Watch our for sodium though - the nutritional labelling can list as sodium or salt equivalent - if it writes sodium that doesn't mean there's no salt or sea salt. Sodium is sometimes listed to include both salt and (for example) baking soda. It's impossible to tell just by looking at the Sodium level whether something contains sea salt.

    Milk is more of a 'cut back' rather than a 'cut out'. So a splash in your coffee once or twice a day won't be a big deal. I ate my granola with stewed apple - boiled up loads of apples and froze them beforehand.

    Bread - you can make your own. If you've got uniodised salt you can use that in the bread. Yeast won't work properly without at least a bit of salt. I've posted a link somewhere to an olive oil bread on the BBC Good Food website. Google that and you'll find it. Don't buy 'just add water' bread mixes - you can't tell what's in them.

    You like rice cakes NOW. By day 14 you'll hate them. Matzo crackers are the same but I hate them less than rice cakes.

    Good luck


  • thanks for the info Barbara!  I'll keep an eye on things in the future and maybe swap oaty milk for almond milk which I see has no salt or sodium lol.

    Just to add, I think I have now found my new favourite food of all time - Jordan's Oat Granola - just oats and raisins... trace salt is all... sooooo yummy on it's own or with some extra fruit ;)

    As for rice cakes vs matzo crackers... i'm firmly in the other camp... but i have both to alternate if i get bored!

  • Matzos versus rice cakes. That really is about as exciting as it gets on LID!

    There's a recipe thread on here if you can hunt it down. My guacamole will undoubtedly liven up your ricecakes and if that fails, the hummus is pretty lively too.

  • Hi Rich,

    I hate Matzo crackers with a vengance as a result of LID, the trouble is they would be bearable with a good spread of butter and a slab of stilton but oh yes, cant eat them on LID!! On my 2nd RAI i found granola at tesco and it was great, first time round it was honey nut shredded wheat and i never wanted them again after LID. I like meat and not over fond of pulses and beans however meat day in and day out is too much and by the time my fortnight is was up I'd had enough.


  • Well as the end of Day number 2 nears, I reckon i'm starting to feel some effects of not taking my tablets now... Nothing major... just a bit headachey and feeling the cold a little.

    Couple of hiccups over the last couple of days with Salt content, so hoping that my cutting out of dairy rather than cut back will make up for anything I've had without realising that it might have had iodised salt in it.

    Off to the supermarket in a bit to buy some fresh meat from the Meat Counter and forget packaged stuff completely.  On a side note, did anyone else know that there is carageen (not sure if i spelt that right) in some toothpastes?  Was cleaning my teeth and happened to look at the tube and saw that - seaweed gets everywhere doesn't it?!

    Anyways, not much else to bore you all with so i'll stop there.


  • Don't fret over the toothpaste - you probably didn't plan on eating the stuff, did you? But switch to another paste - 95% DON'T have carageenan so you really got unlucky on that one. It won't be hard to find an alternative.

    Other things to watch out for - if you cut yourself, make sure you don't use an iodine based spray or disinfectant. Unlikely, I know, but shouldn't be hard to avoid. I got a bit paranoid and stopped using the handcream I'd been using because it had 'sea salts' in it. Duh!


  • Hey Arzo! Just to let you know I'm right they're with you! I'm also on day two of LID. I tend to just stay away from anything processed at all, so cooking everything from scratch you know what's in it! The THYCA website has a low iodine cookbook you can download with lots of recipes, and Barbara's are amazing! I've been terrible at prep this time round ( I'm have my 6th monthly profile scan). So I must get myself sorted out! Interestingly my oncologist said 'just avoid foods that are very high in iodine for 2 weeks' -are they less strict about it when it's only a WBS? Anyways good luck sweetie! Els x
  • I decided to do my own restriction in sympathy with our LID members. For the first time EVER, I decided to give up chocolate for Lent. And my friend gave me a box of chocolate coated cocoa beans and was dumbstruck when I gave her them back.


  • Hi Els!

    Day 3, still no major effects - trying to decide if I feel a bit tired or whether i've just not woken up yet lol.

    I'm still looking for inspiration for stuff to eat - had muesli bar for breakfast, turkey stir fry for lunch, will prob use up the last of the turkey and mushrooms later for something. Fruit for snacking and I have some granola to tide me over too ;)

    Homemade soup should be ready for tomorrow, so I might have to see about some homemade bread if I think about it - only prob is i'm wondering if the temptation to put some marg or butter on it will be too tempting...

    Not sure about the strictness when it's just the WBS - do they use less iodine or something (ie. you need to absorb less for the scan?), who knows lol.

    OMG Barbara, just seen your post about chocolate for lent...  Good luck with that. I'm terrible, I have a really sweet tooth and hate easter time!  What I wouldn't do for some cheesy chips about now! ;)

  • Hi Rich,

    Based on my experience the lack of meds kicks in between day 6 to 8. You will know when it happens, you will get up and suddeny routine stuff becomes hard work.